September 26, 2022

25 thoughts on “Mali Military Warn French Military Plane, Bomb-sniffing African Rat Dies, Nigeria Lifts Twitter Ban

  1. Now more than ever African's world wide must come together especially now that we learnt of how we been seen in the face of this [ PLANDEMIC ] and where they want us to be in this Global space, We were treated the worse in getting their Plandemic Vaccine something we had nothing to do with, I think it is a good thing that we was not furnish with the vaccine, because God he knows what we would be getting in the name of Vaccine, Am pretty sure, they'll not be the same as the one everyone else get, We still need to open our eyes to what they'll be sending to Africa, Am Saying that to say this, There should never be any borders dispute in Africa, Any borders clashing means winnings for the constructor of those Artificial borders, They're nothing but Artificial borders, Why do we allow ourselves to be govern under these artificial borders for someone else advantages for so long, our main focus should right now for us all the congregate under one umbrella speaking one voice of [ UNITY ] which would be the rebirth of the African Continent, our dominant spot or still there wanted to be taken, And it can only be taken by us, Why or we wasting so much time????, That should be our main topic of discussion, and to hell with those [ ARTIFICIAL BORDERS ]

  2. They airing the plan in Africa air space like is there country no respect for Africa borders and air space,they taking our fishing in the sea,✌🏾🇳🇬❤️

  3. Those Africa rebels are colonized tool Antichrist descending used them for distraction for babylonians war and ignorant are big business instead be respectful to human life

  4. Remember some colonized think they crucified jesus from Italy to Israel descend continue with the same colonizer ideology claim to be Christians but are full evil with human image

  5. Europe is poor without Africa’s… AFRICA IS RICH WITHOUT EUROPE!!! let’s not forget Europe belongs to us. Europe is named after an African Goddess names Europa. They can whitewash all they want but truth is inevitable. Zeus is named after a African God too. We are the BACKBONE!!! OF EVERYTHING ON EARTH TODAY!!!

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