May 28, 2022

19 thoughts on “Mali military warns westerners against internal interference

  1. What in the heck the little Denmark do in Africa. They’re looting to they claim to be a progressive country. I guess no one’s clean in this world everybody is a blood sucker:(

  2. I just read that Russian mercenaries slaughtered 70 civilians in Nigeria. How can the gov't let that happen? Why are some countries in Africa inviting Russia to help them, they are white, they can mean you no good.

  3. Again with France, now Denmark???. Dear Western Countries Africa does not want you in their country. If you cannot hear you will feel. One day the Entire Continent of Africa will come together and produce an Army of their own to keep all of you out. Keep poking the sleeping bear.

  4. If those other African countries would stop going along with those westernized and approved sanctions none of those foreigners would matter. Africa is a container of wealth and knowledge all on its own, get the cowardly and brainwashed by those fake religions out of the mists.

  5. very important info. .01/31/22

    mali has just given the french embassy 72 hours to leave mali. source: official tv of mali

    expulsion following insulting remarks by French official representatives (le drian, parly)

    France does not want to stop its colonial reflexes..

  6. Africa nations, Support each other!!! Notice how denmark tried to support the frenchie troops on Your soil ???? Now you do the same for each other all across the continent.

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