August 10, 2022

27 thoughts on “Mali Records Highest Cotton Production After Ditching France

  1. Whatever benefits flow from the cotton production should be shared with the people of Mali in terms of education, healthcare and a better standard of living for the people of Mali and should not accrue to multinational corporations and a few elite families and investors with close ties to France.

  2. Africa must know that Europe continues to remain in Africa for:
    1) continued pillaging of Africa's wealth and
    2) to ensure that Africa does not develop.

    Chase Europe out of Africa and Africa will develop.

  3. Mali needs to start processing cotton and making textiles. Stop selling raw cotton. Employ more Malian youth. Keep the money circulating in the Malian economy.

  4. When you ditch the thieves your riches return. You go Mali. Enjoy what was always rightfully yours. France you looking real stupid right now as the World continues to laugh. Idiots.

  5. Mali got other existential issues such as this new government and their hosting of the Russian mercenary organization known as the Wagner group after France left. I want to believe Mali is doing well and these numbers are true but I doubt it.

  6. Once Africa realizes that it doesn't need foreign countries to manage, guide, assist or run their programs, government, or affairs..then, the continent will thrive and succeed!

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