July 3, 2022

37 thoughts on “Mali Wants French Troops Out, Africa Lose $190 Billion Due To Covid, SA Woman Lied About 10 Babies

  1. Good for Africa losing that worthless money, Afrika will keep its Resources, and do not take their vaccines either for the mere reason that your life it does not guarantee safety. As for the French, we might have to get some smart missiles from Iran to show them the way out.💥💥💥💥

  2. So wait… y’all say the woman didn’t have 10 babies cuz she ain’t do it in a hospital? 😂😂😂 Wow.. European Africans

  3. There is no variant! Look at India: the government is speaking out and bluntly saying it. These variant bull is another drive at further damaging the Afrikan economy, which would me more aid money required, meaning more poverty. AFRIKA WAKE UP!!!!!

  4. I don’t think DRC is making a good move here by having a economic cooperation with Rwanda. Rwanda needs fast to pay the Congolese government for the atrocities it committed in DRC and it still commits and then we will see about the rest.

  5. Covid is a worldwide phenomenon,Europe/western world has lost trillions of dollars,no jobs,companies filing for bankruptcy but Africa talks/responds as if it’s the only continent affected?individual African countries think it’s only our country that is affected ,reason why western world is compensating it’s citizens is bcos they ve backup sound financially policies,savingings for catastrophies devoid corruption but in Africa even covid money from abroad ends up in pockets,pockets it the homocorrupticus aka homograbiticus politicians/leaders….man most European govts are insured incase of any eventuality? they can manage for the next 10 yrs,Africa is just a crying baby bcos of corruption & poor governance,,,,,,,indebted,madeni ya China & etc to enrich individuals whom we fall over & tramped & line up to sign their autobiographies in the name of mtu wetu?Wheelburrows and bottom up economic strategy is being mooted as the best approach to eliminate poverty?Bottoms up…. start from your ass booty or anus canal moving up and poverty will disappear like lightening,all will be rich.

  6. South African president needs to answer to failure of vaccine procurements, the failure in roll out, corruption in cover funds and what happened to the R500 billion loan that he got for the country he is awfully quiet its been a year, the country is in a far much worse state. PLEASE RESEARCH WHAT HAPPENED, a second lock down where small businesses and informal business or hawkers are suffering, waiters, parking attendants etc

  7. African countries can and should prosecute their war crimes accused, not ICC! …… African problems needs to be dealt by african, no one else. This nonsense needs to stop.

  8. Sudan should never hand over any Sudanese to a corrupt European political tool such as the ICC masquerading as a court of justice. Sudan should use Sudanese courts to charge those whom they identify as being war criminals.

  9. For those that think Russia never colonized Africa:
    * Djibouti
    In 1888, the "Scramble For Africa" was nearly over. European powers had carved out their colonies, and Imperial Russia still lacked a "place in the sun." But adventurer Nikolai Ivanovitch Achinov came up with a bizarre plan to create a Russian territory in what is now Djibouti.

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