July 2, 2022

31 thoughts on “Mali’s Ancient Transcripts Going Digital, Kenya Court Orders UK Troops Probe, Ghanaian Wants Chelsea

  1. Typical African always involving white in everything, it's really a mistake being black, a race that never learn from the past ,Google is white ..are u telling me black people can't digitalis it

  2. Thank you so much for this channel. You have no idea how important it is for us (Pan)Africans living across Europe. The western media shows no interest in publishing African news. Thanks a milli from Sweden !

  3. I dont agree with giving our sacred ancient knowledge google who is a western digital platform knowing how google is racist an bias with its decemination of melanted people history an an general info .. i dont trust google to properly and respectively hold such data.. but its a good move towards digitalising them … we melanted people must have out own platform … uganda is a crazy nation is they make spitting illegal thats just plain government making the innocent criminals for nothing. So if i should want to spit i must swallow it are keep it in my mouth?? I can see that this law was made by only the upper class who always has a bathroom close to them not thinking about the people who just trying to survive now to have this laws making their life more hard even the richest man are woman in uganda has and will spit in public .. who ever thought of such law is a big stupid

  4. I wonder when the African continent will have one single military base in one western country, or we don’t have anything at all to teach but always learn?
    How did our ancestors defend and protect Africa? Bases and military exercises everywhere in Africa, these “wypipo” are in all our secrets and businesses and we know nothing (ZERO) about them and their countries.

  5. Somalia sould not allow un nations military again and include Africa union military all are colonized tool rethinks why UN military is not in Ukraine and Russian?

  6. They are allowing Google to learn and steal the information in their AI.

    And on top of that, it's called Mali "Magic"?

    Once again lumping black achievements as mystical works smh

  7. Get foreign militaries out of Africa. The western trouble makers should sent home immediately as they show no respect to local people. They may speak politely but they have forked tongues.

  8. The British military has been setting fires to stop a prophecy that says when the Aberdare's range and Mt. Kenya's forests join the Europeans will be destroyed

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