November 26, 2022

44 thoughts on “Mama Africa Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao Statement Crying for her Son George Floyd

  1. All of the perpetrators of Roman genocide and crushing vs brown and black humans beings have always walked and several knighted by their system. Their global racial supremacy system reigns 3000 years and counting. This is the reason China is the only serious treat to Rome and her structural horns. Blacks and Browns stand NO chance in their system. Africans and diaspora urgently need structural linkages and connectivity and yes India and China can help bc they too have a mutually assured destruction defense. Black people are globally vulnerable. But China, Rome and the Christian Orthodox are at structural odds. This therefore is the Brown and Black human race's chance: self empowerment, linkages, connectivity and the BRICS.
    I thank you.

  2. The truth and the lie went swimming to see who could make it to the top first the lie won got out ran down the street with the truths clothes the people said that looks like the truth πŸŒ…

  3. There will be no separation in hell and there will be no separation in heaven so until the owner for the world come to take it back we will see no peace no unity, st Mathew 24 -8 verse 14 this is the beginning of sorrow this is the end of time the lord JESUS is coming soon

  4. Mama Africa it's time 2 call your children back home we are being muder the children need 2 be set free our blood cry out GOD OF ABRAHAM DO NOT FORGET YOUR PROMISE 2 THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL

  5. Well, we are living now in the final part of the last days of this wicked system of things. What you are saying while it's true.
    No man can satisfy the desires of mankind. however, we are not left without hope..Revelation 21:3, 4,5 talk about the blessing of Jehovah…saton along with his followers will be gone…

  6. Screaming and shouting within the state of majority whites is not a solution for the ongoing misery. "Africans" come to Africa, offer her your love and skills, use her prosperous resources for its own use, develop it, finally, live in the beloved forefathers continent with full of peace and prosperity!!

  7. My name is Margaret Johnson and i think that Mr George Floyd was treated wrong he was not to die
    He had his family to live for i am diabled and i think that we need to get along with every body both blacks and whites because i was raised to do so.

  8. ya aburren con este seΓ±or por que no dicen la ficha que era ratero seΓ±ora ya abueren o que van repartir los millones que le van asacar al estado todo mundo sabe que su hijo robaba a mano armada yo pense que no tenia madre pues asalto con pistola a una mujer embarazada

  9. The crime we as black folks have committed, is when we allowed whites to get away with their foolishness… for far to long and blacks calls it passive…. NOT NO MORE!
    Floyd death have brought Martin Luther king & Malcolm X speeches to a head, but so sadπŸ˜ͺ Floyd had to give his life for all to understand what we as blacks have been experiencing for so long…
    With that said! The Native Indian will soon take back their land (country) America!

  10. Like they say whether you have big money or not we all going to greave ,and every one has or his the key of heaven ,God don't chose white or black we all his children's ,we may not be the same class ,we may not have houses ,better beds ,foods, good skins like white.." haa at least we're blessed and clean inside.&you so call white imagine being white outside &inside you're black?

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