May 25, 2022

47 thoughts on “Mandela’s Factual Speech on All the Unspeakable Atrocities Committed by America

  1. All bombs kill people. Hiroshima/Nagasaki’s bomb killed more then other bombs, is true. But this Mr Mandela also planted bombs that would kill people ! That is why he got arrested ! So why was he complaining about American atrocities when he was prepared to do the same… LOL

  2. YES papa, call out the terrorists and criminals who claim to be the one to harrass all nations. Their time shall soon come to its end, swiftly, and the world cannot wait to see this spectacle to bring them down!

  3. Child please….they bomb they own black Americans in 1988 Child please what did yall want what ….from USA lol 😆…I'm glad at least he knew something buy for rest of yall like what was yall expecting ,?

  4. Don't forget the USA, British and French also dropped atomic bombs Larger than dropped in Japan during peacetime in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, French Polynesia and Aboriginal indigenous communities in Australia.. people still suffering without compensation today..

  5. Absolutely raw truth!! But he died an ass🖕🏿🖕🏿went to prison a revolutionary & came out a traitor, that is why Caucasians globally celebrate him he was a useful tool to them, same as Martin Luther, that one was killed when they heard him wake up from his "nightmare of a dream" 😄 that is why they hate Malcolm X & Khalid Muhammad, they never sold out till death.

  6. So question?
    The Japanese didn’t kill innocent people and started a war when the Americans didn’t bother them?
    The Japanese didn’t use experiments on its own Asian people?
    The Japanese didn’t conquer other parts of the pacific and even China?
    Madiba is a great leader, but he knew all this, and he still went to America to get money for the ANC before apartheid was over. Madiba went beggin America and Europe for money to build the ANC, now he comments on something he already knew, he sure didn’t say that stuff when the ANC was touring America and asking America to boycott the apartheid government and asking for money !!

  7. The people in America wanted ww2 to end without the need to attack mainland Japan. This guy is ignorant of the events building up to the dropping of the bomb.

  8. An interesting note is 37 years later in 1982 Japan was the world's 2nd leading country by GDP ahead of the USSR even. Instead of universally hating the Allies they decided to learn from them and embrace parts of their culture that they saw as valuable. They embraced universal education, free markets and the legal system and equally importantly kept their own traditional values as well. Taking the best of both worlds in a few decades they had rebuilt to become world leaders in many areas and were ahead of all the countries who won WW2 except the USA in GDP by the 80s. They are a great inspiration much love to Japan! ❤️

  9. We the people of the USA thought we were free.
    We thought we promoted freedom, democracy and rights for all.
    The falsehoods, the propaganda, the indoctrination = Our Military has had a different agenda.
    Truth has revealed the divide between the people and the government

  10. I agree whole heartedly but I don't like how our South African leaders til to day are still commuting crime against native South Africans, despite the Late Great Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu as well as other African leaders Kwame Nkuruma etc..who died to unify black South Africans as well as Africans against foreign nationals aka the Boers, who claim to be "White South Africans" and who still benefit til now after Apartheid 😑…it's just sad how Afrika is still "needing help" from foreigners who don't care about the natives and are likely racist 😥.. I pray Africa, and each country / continent that was colonized find the strength to fight back and unify against the elite coz honestly it's exhausting and unfair ….

  11. They killed the only real American, the Native Smerican Indians. They must first clean for their own door then other countrys. They inspired Hitler, not the other way round

  12. I was born in Lesotho in South Africa lived and served in the US and its military for over 45 yrs. Yet l never became a US citizen and Nelson Mandela in this speech lets you know why, l never trusted or liked that country and its government

  13. He never mentioned the atrocities of communist and African despots. Such double standards. Mugabe butchered 20000 of his own people in 1983 and He Said nothing.

  14. I don't know about the Saudi Arabia comment, but dropping the bombs did send a chilling message to the world about the rudeness of US.


  16. It isn't merely that America is a rogue nation. The truth is, America was colonised by(primarily) antisocial criminals, has been controlled and shaped by gangsters, and, to this day, behaves as gangsters and extortionists everywhere behave. America's merely up-scaled their gangster mentality to the world stage, "the more things change, the more they stay the same".

  17. Americans drop the bomb in that time to show the power to world what they can do to destroy people and country. Who asked them??? Are they were sanctioned??? What is UN did to them???? UN by itself is a western organisation and a weapon to pressed other countries especially Africa and Asia. #NoMore
    Africa must speak up💚💛❤️

  18. The world lead by China and Russia should disarm USA especially of the nuclear weapon and impose a pacifist constitution on all the states after breaking them up into several countries. USA is too evil and dangerous to be tolerated anymore.

  19. We have to out our voice loudly for Ethiopian African …we saw what Americans and Europeans doing in Ethiopian African… We have to bond strongly so that we can win them we will make great Africa #No more USA & UN# One Africa one blood. I am African where ever I went I don't want to change my citizenship I decide that I born in Africa I will bury in beautiful and fresh Africa. I believed in God Africa will be great example for all the world never looks donations from USA&UN …We will help them back soon .Bible say Ethiopia shall raise hands to God …in bible the name of Ethiopia represente all Africans.

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