August 12, 2022

20 thoughts on “Mandela’s Masterclass Speech to NATO saying Your Enemy is not Africa’s Enemy

  1. Once the colonial power’s finally left Africa Russia and it fellow communist states rushed in to all those countries flooding them with arms and support for any Marxist groups so they could takeover just so Russia had influence through these Marxist dictatorships that they helped to install by over throwing the sitting governments immaterial of wether they had been elected democratically or not !

  2. Instead of having a world that helps eachother we decide to shift blame onto everyone. You did this. You did that. And all these fucking morons in the comment section defending something they haven’t been apart of. Guess it’s either time for the youth to step in and make the elders realize that its about time that we move on. But that will never happen.

  3. It is unfortunate what the Elite extremely wealthy ruling class has done to North America, UK, Australia, Europe etc.

    They call it "Democracy" ….but it is anything but that.

    When an American Government goes into other countries and kill their leaders…. they have no right to criticize other leaders who do the same. that is hyprocracy. Only a leader with clean hands can condemn & demand the washing of anothers hand.

    It is a horrible stench, when these same elite stir up chaos among people with race wars designed to divide the nation.
    The enemy is at the top….using the media as a weapon to create controversy. Such a leader is treasonist to the real Democracy of a country.

    Names like;

    Nancy Pelosi
    Lindsay Graha,
    Mitch Mcconell
    Chuck Schumer
    Marco Rubio
    Bill Gates
    George Soros
    Jeff Bezos
    Mark Zuckerburg

    These are enemies of Democracy ….

  4. "…determined by the attitude of that country to our struggle…"

    Russia has ALWAYS stood by Africans as colonial powers played dirty trick after dirty trick.

    I am African!

  5. NATO accuses Russia for doing things NATO does on a daily basis. It's hard to trust a two-sided knife. Africa is not a pet so do not expect Africa to obey some master's rules.

  6. No wonder they imprisoned Mandela and tried to get rid of him. He is as dangerous as Jesus. If he would have been around the time of Jesus, he would be crucified next to Jesus and entered heaven with Jesus. There is a saying if a person is right it doesn't matter about their age, sex, race. If they are right, they are right. If a 3 year, old black kid tells you it is wrong to murder and kill someone, you don't say to the kid you don't know anything you are 3. If a 16 year old successful on the stock market making a 20 per cent return annually gives you a stock tip, you better take it and invest some money in it.

  7. Unfortunately Africa's worste betrayers are it's own greedy modern leaders, hopefully another Mandela or like minded leader will reign supreme one day soon.

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