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Most of us don’t have original thoughts. We are rethinking the same thoughts repeatedly. Those repetitive thoughts then become beliefs. In order to change your beliefs, you must change your habitual thoughts and that will be the driving force behind what you manifest in your life. – Raye Queen

In this episode of the Keys to Black Consciousness podcast, Holistic Health Practitioner Dr. Raye Queen. She is the author of one of the best books for Black women, Secret for Sistahs. She also leads Sister Circles all over the United States that you can learn more about here.

⚠️ Brothers need to listen to this podcast as much as the Sisters do ⚠️ Understanding our Queens is important for building a stronger community, so dont skip this one!

🔗 Links, Resources and Articles Mentioned In This Episode🔗

📕 Get Your Chakras Together: Writing Prompts to Heal and Restore The Emotional Energy of Each of Your Chakras 👉🏿

📕 Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology 👉🏿

📕 I’m Done Being Broken: Life Changing Truths For The Black Woman 👉🏿

📕 The Secret For Sistahs: The Black Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Releasing Negativity 👉🏿

👉🏿 Where to learn Swahili Online for Beginners

👉🏿 Raye Queen’s Websites:

Here is what you will learn:

✓ The last word on the language we all should be speaking
✓ How our thoughts and emotions are integral to manifesting our physical health
✓ Why we dont believe what we believe, and how we can examine our own beliefs
✓ How nutritional labels have been mislabeled to trick you into consuming harmful substances, and how you can see through the lies.

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