September 21, 2023
Maxwell Chikumbutso presents small 500W MSED - free energy device.

34 thoughts on “Maxwell Chikumbutso presents small 500W MSED – free energy device.

  1. Just know this 500 watts is =120 Volt of electricity, that mean this device can powered more than tv. It can powe heat, most electrical equipment. If this is really true, this guy should be protected because this is probably one of the best thing.

  2. they can kill him if he doesnt help humanity have that breakthrough. the more he keeps it the more he is a target, because the rich cartels like bill gate hates this

  3. Where can i buy this device, he should have been millionare or billionare by now, if it s not availble then it could be fake 🐒🦍🦍🐺🐺

  4. people this is bs, don't you see the white cable running threw the grass at 2:07. I funny nobody picks up the TV or moves it after its turned on because its cabled and they're hiding the wires.

  5. I understand the principle of his device but I woud like a video that explain in detail how it works. Chikumbutso has to go public as much as he can and give the world all the detail we need to recreate it beofre something happen. RIP Standley Meyer

  6. Yet another free energy fake device. Shame on you who promote this scam without checking facts. You can't drain 500W of power from nothing and Radio frequencies are inefficient for suchlike wireless power transmission.

  7. Hopefully he will pattent it soon and maybe even share the knowledge. In the mean time maybe is a fraud 🤥🤡. 550W of RF harness sounds surreal

  8. This doesn't prove anything until you perform enlightening experiments, record test results, and explain the theory and principles of operation. I can bet this thing has a battery hidden somewhere, or it could be a hidden power cable. What is the source of the RF waves. Good luck making money off YouTube views.

  9. This needs to get out more to the world and people should be investing in his discoveries, we can not keep staying in past beliefs, he himself stated this is indeed a paradigm shift.

  10. I would like the know what radio waves it’s using because there are many radio frequency’s and other frequency’s that are always in motion .. just maybe if you use higher frequency’s you can get more power.. I think the true magic is in the conversion from the wave or vibration movement to electricity.. than some basic technology to manage the voltage & wattage.
    I would love to talk to him myself because I think I have ideas how to improve on what he has discovered.
    I also have a invention myself that will work nicely with this device.

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