September 22, 2023
Maxwell Chikumbutso - What really Happen to this African Genius (3 Things to keep in mind)

17 thoughts on “Maxwell Chikumbutso – What really Happen to this African Genius (3 Things to keep in mind)

  1. I heard, MAXWELL, speak to some; WHITE PEOPLE, and the man, is like a "SILLY DOVE"; he's telling them how his, technology works, the same people, told him, that, they can't give him a PATENT, because "it doesn't line up with "NATURAL LAWS"; he didn't know that these people are ; DEVILS, he's so, silly

  2. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I feel like you just wanted to create a video, because you seem to be talking without any background research. If you did research you'd know that he does have a legal team, mind you this is not his first invention.

  3. He will NEVER be issued a patent for such a disruptive technology.
    This type of discovery CHANGES everything. It would feed the poor, and give rise to the technology that will heal the planet.
    There are people in control of EVERYTHING that will NEVER allow this to happen.

    Check Stan Meyer's car in the late 80's. He developed a Fusion Hybrid technology that would allow a car to run from one coast of America to the other one on only a few Gallons of Tap water!!!!

    He was scheduled to meet investors at a restaurant. Later he's runing out of the restaurant screaming they killed me. They killed me! He was poisoned, and died right there.

    His car went for Auction in the early 2000's and 4 people bought it. When asked what they planned on doing with it they explained-

    We're going to reverse Engineer the technology and patent it. " We'll be Richer than Rockerfeller!"

    Dr. Steven Greer the father of Disclosure of Extraterrestrials to the World- was the other bidder and lost at that auction.

    He told them in no uncertain terms should they try to patent this technology

    It threatens trillions of dollars and complete control of the world to those who own everything!

    Patent code sections 181 – 185 are national Security Trip Wires that signal to the Powers that Be, a Disruptor has been introduced and they deploy resources to raid the labs and confiscate the experiments and technology.

    These guys didn't listen. All 4 have died – and the Stan Meyer car has disappeared!!!

    Dr GREER explained that the only way this will work is to give it away for free to EVERYONE of the world ALL at once!!!

    Multiple platforms, multiple distribution points, open source everything …. give it away!!

    Then the patents come from the devices and secondary applications based on the science.

    Over 23 scientific researchers who were working with FREE or Zero Piont Every have ALL BEEN through what I outlined above!

    Check out Hutchinson effect… even he had his labs raided and research confiscated and he used sound vibration!

  4. Righteous! Make this man a household name Africa! MAXWELL CHIKUMBOTSO. AFRICA…… THIS IS THE SHOT WE’VE WAITED FOR! The west’s patent system IS A SHAM!!!!!

  5. Finally someone who has an update i have been looking for,keep updating us ,and i believe his products will be rolled out soon,we need this especially our continent Africa

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