December 7, 2021

50 thoughts on “MedSkul Dropout: My mum's Doro Wot | Aroma – BBC Africa

  1. You are wrong, let me correct you on the teff nutrition elements.
    We all heard teff is full of iron or contains iron only. So your mistake rises from what you have been told.
    .. . I am in the bio medical field . And what i am sharing you is right.

    Teff evaluated again for nutritional contents and found to have 16 nutrtions from protein to zinc, iron etc. Therefore, what we learned was incorrect.

    Why they made such error? The answer is that, when first teff examined, the researchers at that time which was early 1950s used teff grains that are contaminated by lots of dust ( soil) . As you know teff is very small and small dust can compete with teff in every aspect. So the iron from the soil compare to the teff elements came to be prominent. That mislead those researchers to declare teff to be of high iron content.

    In 2003, teff reexamined with modern method, so microscopically they removed all the dust matrial from the teff grain and teff went through chemical and nutrional content analysis. The finding is totaly diffrent from the 1950s.
    Because of this finding teff deemd to be one of the superfood.

  2. Made a whole foods plant based version of this recipe along with cabbage and potatoes. Thanksgiving will have a whole new style in our house. Ethiopian foods have such comforting effects too. ❤️ and ✌️ to all who read this comment.

  3. Just had this today and it was sooo soooo delicious I absolutely loved it! I love the injera I think Ethiopian food is my new favorite😋 im so sorry for your loss beautiful.
    Youre daughter is so cute ❤

  4. I was 10 when I first tasted doro wat. We had Ethiopian friends and they shared some. I never ever forgot taste. 💯 flavor town. Fast forward a little over a decade and I got to eat doro wat again and apparently I shed a tear. It be like that.

  5. So sorry to hear of your mom's passing, but you will always have amazing memories and will be able to share her recipes with the coming generations. Thank you for sharing this very special recipe. ¡Salud! Sandee

  6. 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹
    💛💛 🕊 ሰላም 🕊 💛💛
    💛💛 🕊 ሰላም 🕊 💛💛

  7. እናትሽን ነብሳቸውን በአፀደ ነብስ ያሳርፍልን እንችም ከእናትሽ የተማርሽውን እንዲሁ በሚድያ አቅርበሽ ምላሳችንን ስላራሽው እናመሰግናለን በጣም ቆንጆ ዶሮ ወጥ ነው ምግብ ቤት ከከፈትሽ ሰብሰብ ብለን እንመጣለን

  8. የተቀቀለውን እንቁላል ወጡ ውስጥ ከመጨመርሽ በፊት በቢላዋ ሰንጠቅ ሰንጠቅ ማድረግ አለብሽ ።

    ይቅርታ ወንድ ልጅ ለሴት ልጅ ሙያ ላሳይ በማለቴ😂😂😂
    You are amazing 👍👍👍👌🙏

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