May 25, 2022

31 thoughts on “Meet the 190 Year Old African, Failed Coup in Guinea Bissau, Chinese Miner Faces Litigation

  1. I hope and pray African countries stop all this ongoing conflict, war and fighting and just have it all come to an end. Time for fighting to come to an end so that African countries can start building Infrastructure for the people, bring them electricity, build schools and give the children education and invest in health care by building hospitals.

  2. @2nacheki I originally wanted to say that it sounds like a choice that them Zimbabwean people made thus sounding like Kanye. Because in truth that's exactly what it is. But plans change. And I won't give you such a treacherous and stupid answer. Therefore, I would approach this situation differently. I purchased the Master Class specifically to learn from President Bill Clinton. All others are like icing on the cake. Therefore I thought about what would President Bill Clinton say about this situation? My honest answer is… I don't know. How can I give you a thought on what a man would do when I am not him? I can only speak on what my thoughts are about this situation.
    I learned from Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki about income statements. An income statement is basically a piece of paper listing your assets and liabilities. An asset is anything that brings money into your life. A liability is anything that takes money out of your life. An income statement has categories that allow you to place your assets and liabilities in their proper perspective.
    An income statement can be used for your personal life and your business, but I later found that it can be used for your community and country as well. And yes Presidents and cabinet members can be placed in either category depending on what they have done for you versus what they say they will do for you. Doing things outweighs saying things any day of the week.
    Looking at things in your life from this perspective you get to see what is benefitting your bottom line and what is hurting your bottom line. Your bottom line is you making a profit from your initial (original) investment or seed money.
    You cry about this President stripping you of your land, giving you a small stipend, and sending you on your way. Your initial investment into your country was you placing this man into a position of power and your return on investment (ROI) was you taking a huge loss in the end. So basically you made a bad investment. What did you learn? Take a closer look at the man or woman that you are about to place into power the next time. You gotta know what you are placing into power. Look at his past performance in other positions. Was they for building the people or for building himself?
    Now is what he is bringing to your country going to benefit the people he is in authority over? Or is it for his own pleasure? What about those he is bringing in? What have they been doing this whole time? Creating a system that will benefit you? Or creating a system that will benefit them?
    They have been in your country with their hands up your wife's skirt right in front of you. Your wife is your land. Her skirt is the topsoil. Her goodies is the things they bring from that ground. They are notorious for stealing your precious resources. From what I have seen is that they have talked about and dogged your people out. Your authorities catch them in the act and ship them out only for your government to woo and ship them right back in.
    If you ask me they are not there to build and enrich the people living there. They are there paving the way for their own people because their homeland is overpopulated. They are used to the bad drinking water because NONE of the water in their province is good. They import water from the Great Lakes of Michigan in the United States of America just to have clean water. Pretty soon you're going to see a whole country full of Chinese people in Africa. They already built their own city in Egypt. It's almost like saying do you want to trade lands?
    They already told you that they wanted to conquer you. It was all over the global news. They blatantly told you this and the people you put into power STILL brought them in and pushed you out of the way. Indeed you made a poor decision in business. Same as when you captured and sold your own people way back in the 1,500's and sold them for beads and trinkets.
    Your lands have been under siege ever since. But you would argue with me. So I guess that Kanye wasn't as stupid as people thought because it was a choice that was made. A poor choice at that. And it moves right on up into your government.
    Same thing happened back in Detroit placing the wrong leaders into positions of power. Same thing with Michigan doing the exact same thing. Detroit was made known to be bankrupt. Michigan was not far behind. When I spoke up the income statement of both Detroit and Michigan started changing for the better. Since I have been gone those same people that was removed was reinstalled as if things would change. Good luck to them and good luck to you in all of your endeavors. You're gonna need it!

  3. DRC badly needs infrastructure, sad seeing a resource rich nation getting exploited and looted by external actors and global powers.So hopefully the Port project gets done to improve growth.
    Lets hope they press ahead with proposed Airport project, the design looks futuristic, hope they pull it off,it will give a massive boost to national pride of the people.
    Chinese miners are not above the law,they cannot damage environment of Zimbabwe simply coz the Zim Govt is funded heavily by China. It does not give them rights to lands of Zimbabwe. Lack of discipline in mining sector needs to be tackled urgently in Zimbabwe. So I say sue that Chinese company, so they don't recklessly destroy environment.

  4. The Commonwealth only serves to stroke egos of the British Crown,same crown that looted so much wealth from Africa. Malema and PLO Lumumba believe we need to plan leaving the commonwealth as it does not benefit Africa.

  5. African Leaders better wake up about the Chinese. The Chinese are not like the European colonizers. They will take your
    Mango, your mango leaves, the branches, the trunk and the roots.
    Be careful, be very careful because in the next 25 years, China will be your lord.

  6. 12 I love John 17:3. Yet, this is the eternal Life, that they should know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. Amen! You see? The eternal Life consists in two things: First, that they should know You, the only true God and secondly, him that You have sent, the man Jesus Christ. Amen! Not Jesus Christ, the son of God but Jesus Christ as a man. When Noah was preaching, this was the eternal Life, that they should know you, the only true God and him that You had sent: a living man called Noah. When Martin Luther was preaching, this was the eternal Life, that they should know You, the only true God and him that You had sent: a living man called Martin Luther. When William Branham was preaching to the past generation, this was the eternal Life, that the whole earth including Tommy Osborn and Billy Graham and Oral Roberts and Ewald Frank know Jesus Christ, the only true God and him that he had sent: the anointed man William Branham living on earth. And today, this is the eternal Life, that all the inhabitants of the earth should know Jesus Christ as the only true God and him that He found good, in his sovereignty, to send: the anointed man Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. That is what I am! And I tell you, Look to Africa! The Spirit of God will say, "Amen!" The spirit of the devil will say, "It is a blasphemy!"

  7. This is the 2nd time. Shame on the western world. They want to steal the oil & at Equatorial Guinea . Enough already. Africa wake up and unite.. Ya'll leave Africans alone. What is it ???.

  8. #151-✅👍
    But ..
    I'm speechless! So much turmoil in the world.😓🤢🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️
    Can't wait to see the damage to the rainforest now that Chinese business is in charge of the land! NOT!!😱😓😓😓😶

  9. 2nacheki, for the sake of Africa please stop your obsession with the Chinese. You sound like the BBC which is trying to make Africans hate Chinese! You've just been to Ethiopia and 110 million Ethiopians all know that it was the Chinese that have just stopped America from destroying their country. The Chinese government basically said "NoMore!" to the Americans behind the scenes when the Americans were talking about sending troops in to "stop the genocide". Individual Chinese businessmen do not represent the Chinese government.

    This is what Abiy Ahmed said on Twitter two days ago:
    "I wish the People's Republic of China and its people a happy and prosperous new year. The Government of Ethiopia and its people owe gratitude for the support and partnership China offered Ethiopia in its time of extreme difficulty."

    Also why haven't you mentioned that Zimbabwe had a record harvest last year?

  10. West: China CCP steals African resources through debt trap.
    China: Evil Amerikkkan west assasinate Africans with CIA.

    Me: You’re both correct. Now either do fair and legal business or get out!

  11. I am from Guiné-Bissau and currently in the country, there was no coup at all, that idiot planned everything, kill his own guards in order to intimidate people. He is not a president but an impostor! He instead did a coup paying those useless called "the armed force of Guine-Bissau" to put him there without winning the election – but, his day his come and very soon.
    He is a lunatic

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