September 22, 2023
Memphis BLM Activist: Tyre Nichols's Killing Is Part of Police Brutality Crisis for Black Residents

21 thoughts on “Memphis BLM Activist: Tyre Nichols's Killing Is Part of Police Brutality Crisis for Black Residents

  1. The photo they should of him in his hospital bed on the third day after the beating with what was said to be a respirator. I've seen that setup several times in the past it looks alot more like life support if so he was being kept alive an was brain dead on day one with a hope propothol and oxygen would lesson results that would have to be reported

  2. This has nothing to do with racism. The victim was targeted by five black police officers anybody that tells you it has to do a race schism just wants to make money.

  3. As a black man I'm personally here to say BLM organization I don't trust you why are you trying to get money off of the blood of us by police when you don't help your own people out with it? I don't trust ya'll you should stay away from this one
    All you do is fatten your pockets off of our death's and I know how y'all really got the money for the organization

  4. Republicans and Democrats alike have to now authentically "Investigate the FBI". This is where the "culture" to treat U.S. citizens like this originates. COINTELPRO is how this culture permeated Law enforcement in America. They (the FBI)are the superhighway to this culture (something training won't treat or cure). No one municipality can implement a policy that thousands of local police departments will embrace.

  5. The dumb shit fault the cops what were the cops supposed to do give him rainbow stickers this is going keep on till no cop will enforce the law on black people and its going to be up the citizens to protect thier selves believe me when that happens all hell is going to break lose

  6. I dont understand what could of pissed those officer's off so bad. They had the boy out numbered. I guess that old tribal behavior took over sense of reasoning

  7. These 5 officers should be put on death row for this. What possible defense can they have? Getting fired, being sued, and going to prison is not justice.

  8. I think that the black community views the police as almost an occupation force and the enemy. I understand the reasons why some people believe that to be true.

    But I think that instead of being so hostile and confrontational that the police officer ends up reacting as if he's dealing with an enemy instead of trying to deal with a citizen, needs to stop, because when other races are stopped and searched by the police, they don't usually behave as if they are somehow collaborating with the enemy or act as if they are being disrespected or humiliated by the police.

    I've watched many videos were the police are being respectful and calm, but the black person either resists passively by refusing to answer questions, or behaving aggressively etc, when they could easily answer the questions and be free to go.

    The widespread belief that only black people are stopped and searched by the police, and only black people get shot by the police, and that thousands of innocent black people are murdered by racist officers every year is totally untrue but I think that both black people and white people who don't want to appear racist should read the true statistics.

    The media seems to want to keep the race a massive issue but it is making some young black people think that anyone who doesn't agree with them or has an alternative opinion or says anything to a black person in any negative way is a vile racist.

    That behaviour is the opposite of race harmony, because if one side feels like the other side should always apologise for the past or that they are some type of special case, instead of being given the equal opportunities and the same rights and involvement, starts to think that equality is still not enough and only preferential treatment is fair for the suffering that they are told they have to endure.

    The world is not fair but the only way forward is to make sure everyone has the same rights and protection etc but also have to abide by the same standards of behaviour as everyone.

  9. This video put the Floyd video to shame but yet there was on huge riots/protests, no looting or property burning. Where is the outrage! Does the race of the cops really matter that much? Very sad that it does.

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