September 20, 2021

24 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO BACK TO AFRICA MOVEMENTS (Repatriation Is Good)

  1. if you want to enjoy happiness and if you want to enjoy good quality of life you got to come home to africa. if i thought i was happy in the west, I didnt know until i got here, so much so I dont want leave now. so come home.

  2. 1 MacMango video is HONEST : “NO BIG $$$$ , DO NOT GO TO AFRICA “ ! Maybe IF in AGRICULTURE, or ALREADY have a SERIOUS $$$$ transferable BUSINESSES!


  3. Thanks for making this video! After watching Black Panther, then taking a DNA test via I am planning my first birthright trip to Africa (specificallly Nigeria). I have already made a few friends amongst the Yoruba people (which I am related to) as well as the Igbo & Fula (the latter I am also related to).

    I can not say whether or not I am willing to live in Africa (at least not yet), but I do want to converse with the people living in the land. One thing I noticed about western media is that whenever they speak positively about Africa it’s usually absent of people. Resources, animals, vacation spots, etcetera, but usually the native population is ignored.

    Sadly I am the only one in my entire extended family who wants to visit Africa, & none of my African American friends want to visit either (oddly, my Arabian friend has been to every country in Africa & thinks the continent & people are amazing), so this will be a solo trip. Fortunately God has blessed me with new friends on the continent, so I am looking forward to exploring the local community as well as contributing what funds I have to the local economy as a tourist.

    Anyways, God bless and I look forwarrd to seeing more videos (I am more of a lurker on YouTube).

  4. I also feel like even the American government they are also jealous they don't want the African American to go to back to Africa. So guys walk up its your time , the all world they know that if you come to Africa things will change for better. GOD BLESS YOU ALL #TRUSTGOD

  5. Hello my fellow brothers and sisters across the globe. I thought I would use this kind young brother's platform, to present an opportunity for ONLY the so called black people IN THE DIASPORA across the globe that wish to repatriate back to Africa. Our family head is Simon from GhanaMoneyTV(subscribe); and we have a network on What'sApp that allows us to discuss not only making the transition from across the globe to Africa; but to unify us as a people. We discuss removing obstacles that you may have that may prevent anyone from repatriating. We discuss business ideas, strategies on repatriating, and much much more . We are currently discussing ways on developing the group such as structuring, inviting and welcoming new members, and we also are forming a scout team here in the U.S. to go to Ghana within like the next 90 days, to go to Ghana whether to visit or stay; gather information and bring back to the states. Below, I will post links to Facebook and What'sApp to the network. From there, you can patch into the network. I will be part of the scout team that leaves for Ghana in the first week of this coming February. So far, it is me and another brother named Dorell that is here with me in Seattle, WA who has been to Ghana and has people there. So, if you are on the fence about going because you feel you can not afford the trip, or you feel like you don't know anyone there, or for whatever reason you feel intimidated about exploring our ancestors homeland; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE; BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DO NOT ALLOWTHESE THINGS STOP/ HINDER YOU FROM DOING SOMETHING GREAT. All I ask is that you come to the network and just sit in and listen. There is no fee, so it is TOTALLY FREE WITH NO OBLIGATIONS. PLEASE, ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE BLACK; AND NO SOLICITERS OF ANY KIND. If you decide to come to the network; I promise you will feel like you are home…!!!! I'll see ya'll in the chat room….

  6. You are very near the kingdom brother, but one thing is needed.
    The spiritual foundation of the Most High Spirit responsible for all Creation.
    Without that key we will continue to be lost as a people.

    I and I RasTafari , call H.I.M. , Jah RasTafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I, but it matters not what name, as long as one really acknowledges the Supreme Head Mind and Heart.

    Atheism and Hippie-ism will never work.

  7. I notice that the brothers and sisters with the most sense, talent and gifts are the least supported by our people. This brotha got his head on right! Subbed.

  8. "2019" is going to be a powerful movement towards africa.we must definitely stay focused on having an open mind about learning new skills and starting life from scratch goes without saying but dont focus too much on the drama of the back to nature movement and focus on researching: cob houses, earthbag homes, videos of expats that are in africa, etc.

    based on what ive seen i can say we should prepare for whatever as we might plan a certain approach and end up doing something totally different but optimal so being open minded is key.

  9. Yes tribe link up big things ah gwan in 2019…..Getting my own personal land and getting land with the tribe as well with DIY domes homes… We all on the same frequency like minds coming together that's how its suppose be…. Got family in Gana already been doing it too…. Africa will be a future move for me too maybe in the next 5yrs…. Name change is a must. Low key vibez is ah is a must… Salute to u 🙏 respect continue to live by example and not for show😅✨✌

  10. The build a community thing is key. We should be doing that here in this land. Everyone not going to make it there, so the ones who are not able to can live a Secret Life in this land. If we was to establish melanated homesteads across every country. Not only what would be healthier physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

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