Message to the Black Hebrews

Message to the Black Hebrews. Black Jews. Black Israelite. Afrakan, Spiritual, KMT, Egyptian, Aten, Great Spirit, Pure Dark Energy Waves, Mystery God.
Black Hebrew Israelites, here are a few things to understand.
1. The mystery god concept is one of the most powerful Spiritual concepts ever created by man. It is both liberating and enslaving but because it is not a true concept of the Great Spirit that is the Universe, it shall forever remain a corrupting force within mankind.

2. We know that religion is soothing and comforting but when you allow yourself to exist under the Spiritual beliefs of people who do not like you, you become subservient to them by default.

3. You cannot go backwards in time therefore you must learn to use past knowledge to craft a better future.

4. Stop fighting for a legacy that will never be yours.


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