September 22, 2023
MESUS - White Lives Matter (Official Music Video)

47 thoughts on “MESUS – White Lives Matter (Official Music Video)

  1. White lives do matter, every life matters I don’t understand why all lives matter offends black people so much… when you disagree with them your a racist….. if you have a problem with a black person and voice your opinion like you would any race they automatically say your a racist….. police do their job on black people and they get called a racist. Loooooooooooool

  2. MESUS you got to get some Hoodies and shirts that say (Mesus). I just ordered a T-shirt " Doesn't matter who president Jesus is king" but would love to represent the NAME Mesus!!!

  3. …the whole ideology behind this white live matter concept is reactionary & contradictory. The irony of a white american male rapping in retaliation of Black lives Matter.

  4. You didnt have a single positive message or bar to justify why you dropped a song like this… why are people mad when you say white lives matter? Because we havent been victims of generations of systemic oppression…. miss me with this bro… your fans can rock with this but disgusts me dude… you talking bout your cash flow and Kurt Cobains death… you clearly missed the point that BLACK LIVES MATTER was a movement not to exclude white people or say we dont matter, but to bring light to the injustices that the African-American community experiences DAILY!

  5. The point of Black Lives Matter ✊🏿 is to state that white lives don’t matter you idiot. Because white people are an unnecessary evil on this earth.

    We know what your people did to us people of color monster.

  6. This song proves that yall don't understand what people mean when they say "Black Lives Matter"

    I feel like yall just want to be arrogant like…. it's not that hard of a concept simply just ask someone what they mean when they say "Black Lives Matter"

    Also ask why they find it offensive when you say "All Lives Matter" as a response

  7. Al right let me explain to the slow ones here: If we sitting at a table, where we are all supposed to eat equally. We all worked for that food. Out of 8 people, 7 people get served. Nr 8 doesn't. Nr 8 then says that he wants some food, because he's hungry. Now one of the others who is served yells ''WE ARE ALL HUNGRY''. Yes, you are, but you don't have the need at the moment, you are already served. You aren't facing any problems now, nr 8 is. Nr 8 in this scenario is black people trying to stop people killing them. The others are white people who don't face the same issue of bigotry that leads to death. So yes, white lives matter, but yelling it when you aren't the one needing the help and the solution to an actual problem, you take away from the problem in your own very selfish way. So yes, both Mesus and the rest of you sound like selfish children.

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