September 21, 2023

Read and decode the FBI declassified files. Discover the hidden secrets they’ve been keeping from the public. Topics television and informants like or will never talk about , or deny. The Outlaw exposes some of the earliest known documents related to prison organizations.


12 thoughts on “MEXICAN MAFIA F.B.I DECLASSIFIED FILES – The Cointelpro Connection

  1. Cut it out ! Same difference! All you Chanel’s are alike but thanks to this videos and base on the content. Shows proof to us we doing it right. Finally THE TAKEOVER.

  2. Chicano activist were being framed for bombings everyone was. Ted kaczinsky the unabomber was framed as well by the feds and his birch brother was an informant working for them to set him up. Look at his court transcripts the judge jury and his own public defenders plotted against him. What trips me out is in his cabin he had so many books on native Americans and Mayan history he knew something that they didn't want him to tell people

  3. I cant believe i found this channel man you know how long i been searching for like minded peeps!!! I been trying to tell people about this and nobody cares.
    Madalyn Murray ohair net flix did a slanderous movie about her but she was a beautiful spirit and America hated her because she was atheist. She was on cointelpro and murdered by the feds to this is her speech shortly before her death. Listen when she talks about the prison system. She also gave a speech at ucla and she talks about j edgar hoover personally requesting that she be targeted

  4. For those who do not know the first time America began their mass deportation of Hispanics in the early 1900s was not out of racism they were targeting civil rights activist and their communities which they had influenced this is the reason why many that were taken were US citizens.

  5. Another one that thinks they know and start talking saying things they really have nothing to do with it you people are too much if you don’t know why would you come on here just for the sake of hearing your voice go make living off telling your story not someone else’s life thirsty people

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