Mexicans Respond To Haitians, Africans With Unusual Hospitality

Thousands of Haitian and African migrants continue to flow into Tijuana on their way to the U-S. But on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced it’s going to start sending many of the Haitians back to Haiti. Meanwhile, Tijuana must deal with their unprecedented numbers. KPBS Fronteras reporter Jean Guerrero says Tijuana residents are responding with unusual hospitality.


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  1. if the free World would take in every immigrant, 200 Mill. would come if not more. They would take as much as they can and would not be asking for it but just be in the taking. No one would be save anymore from them with no education not being able to read and write. having sickness that could be contagious. Il say, sorry dude but it is mine and you cant have it.

  2. Lol 😂 they complained half the time of hatians but the comment says Mexicans are good? They even cut the man off half way when he said he brought the chicken and knew it was a bad idea because he knew the hatians were going to want some. Doesn’t feel too good when people invade your space huh???😂😂😂😂

  3. If I hear one more Mexican saying this was their land 1st 💀💀💀💀 if so why is this side so much better??? Be mad at your government. Why is America yours JUST because it’s next to you? Does that mean El Salvador and hati along with every Afro Latino next to you on the other side is yours too???SHIT YOU HAVE THE CITY OF GUERERRO LIKE THE TORTILLA BRAND FROM MEXICO WHO ARE AFRO LATINOS THAT YOU WONT EVEN ACCEPT BUT WANT TO FORCE YOURSELVES HERE BY ALL MEANS😂😂😂😂😂 stupid af I swear. Just leave. If you can’t understand the difference between being a Mexican American and immigrant that never even tried getting a Visa making fake social security numbers and doing identity theft towards Working AMERICANS AND TAKING AMERICAN JOBS on top of that💀💀💀 Mexicans weren’t the first people here and half of you don’t even know what a Mexican is or what youre mixed with 😂💯

  4. They are so polite, hard-working and respectful people. I wish we all mexicans were like you, cause I've never heard of Haitians doing bad things or committing deliquency. They are always welcome in Tijuana.

  5. See these foos didn’t come in making a mess like our own Latino brothers more south and Central America Haiti and Africans came in being respectful and not asking for more they can get

  6. This is some bullshit because there are videos of Mexican police getting in frights with African migrants all over youtube, but you're painting this picture that the entire country responds like this. Propaganda much?

  7. Did anyone see the invaders fighting the Mexican police? Mexico won't allow me there because I don't speak Spanish and I'm hispanic.mecicans talk shit all the time because I don't speak Spanish too. It's been that way my whole life. And Mexicans have always been the most racist towards blacks.

  8. Smh…So the Hispanics migrants don't think it is fair to help that Hatians unless they receive the benefits. But when Americans say that illegals should not get special treatment were racist.. Smh I just think these countries need to so better so thier people would not have to burden other countries and suck off thier resources


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