September 19, 2021

35 thoughts on “Michael Blackson on Moving from Ghana, Africa and Making it in Comedy

  1. I don't understand people…how can it be a fake accent when he is literally from African.
    An African child does not speak to his/her mam with an American accent.
    I am proudly African and can easily fake an American accent.

  2. We love u here in philly. Another son of philadelphia is going bless. Blessings MB i had a great time at ya def comedy sit in drive comedy tour last night on south philly.. You gave ya hometown a banga we love u here in philly. U always a son of philly

  3. This shows how the industry and people view him and many that look or sound like Michale Blackson.. the character he plays shows what people view comedy.. think of it however you want. But his real voice proves he probably don’t speak or act like the character he made when probably conducting real business with them higher powers 👌🏿

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