September 16, 2023

Few embody the spirit of Tanzania’s steady and relentless march towards increased prosperity like Mohammed Dewji, the country’s entrepreneur supreme – and ’s youngest billionaire – whose MeTL Group’s 150 product lines are believed to be generating revenues of around $2.5bn.
This is a very sizeable chunk in a country with a GDP of circa $70bn and reflects the scope and depth of his investments. MeTL is involved in virtually all productive sectors of the economy – spanning trading, agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, milling, logistics, mobile telephony, IT, financial services and real estate. Across Tanzania the group employs around 38,000 people and it has interests in the neighbouring East and Central countries.
Agri-based products range from cordage made from sisal to tea, cotton, cashew, cotton, palm oil and a variety of seeds; manufacturing includes textiles, beverages, oils and soaps, flour, milling, , petroleum products,…

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