September 18, 2021

8 thoughts on “Modes of Transportation in Kampala | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Could you please make a video talking about how you make it financially in a country with such high unemployment? I’m Ugandan myself and want to move back but fear of not having an income in a poor country is real.

  2. It's so cool seeing other people making similar moves back to whatever country in Africa 🙂 I recently moved there (Kingdom of Eswatini) a month ago after being away for 9 years and there's so much I wish I would have been reminded of by a Youtuber like you. Love the content!

  3. I prefer the driving method but if I’m in a hurry boda it is because the jam in Kampala can betray you😂😂😂

    Also driving is abit safer when you’re vlogging because in public means anytime your camera or phone is snatched😫😫

  4. Good video! Do you know if they have public buses out there? I know that you talked about the boda boda, but do they have actual buses that take you around the city?

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