September 20, 2021

18 thoughts on “Monday night live with The Arrival

  1. Well the new tool is a game changer and real needed if your build for those who go and live in Africa keep in mind that most tools are from China but not the same quality as for Europe or the us . This means they will brake down faster as usual.if you have the cash than ship your tools

  2. $5000 is a way too expensive, you get a land for that. Who so ever said you have to pay for that much for a Ram to slaughter on Eid, must not be talking about Gambian price. You can get a good ram between $150-$300!

  3. This is a big Muslim religious festival .People who have the means will go on pilgrimage to Mecca .Wealthy people will also sponsor people who cannot afford to go to Mecca . Also people with means also will buy numerous rams and cook and distribute to the poor who cannot afford to buy.

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