September 21, 2023

Crumb speaks to Kenick El about the exposing societies.
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16 thoughts on “MOORS vs SECRET SOCIETIES

  1. So the majority of people in this country, America, that are claiming the title moor have done research & KNOW their lineage goes back to Spain? Or even Europe? If not then how can you claim that??

  2. 💥💥💥 Truth Brother John 1:5
    And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    We all are a part of one body and each part has its own duty.. an extension of a whole

  3. Moors was M.I.A. during da 60's when Malcolm X, Fred Hampton & MLK were assassinated by Evilopeans ?!?! Moors are friends with saltines cause whyt supremacy don't see them as a threat. Now who is scared and fearless……CRICKETS

  4. Why didn't Allah birth the Moors in a planet where they are not born slaves who need a status correction? Gods angels prophets are 3rd dimensional consciousness constructs that are manifested on the lowest realms of existence. We are beyond these constructs but get locked into the mental framework of the energy harvesting matrix the more one agrees to participate with the systems that are in place here to sustain this matrix. Laws are man made and making agreements, oaths and packs in this hell realm binds you spiritually. Do not be persuaded by skin color, knowingly or unknowingly this man is a trapper. You are free and sovereign until you start making contracts on realms and realities where your supposed to experience and move on from. There are gate keepers here of every shade in every country in every community, there's a lot of vampires feeding on this system and some are ancestors that lost themselves here. Religion means to bind for a reason, when you here the word and see the affiliation(Islam) RUN. Remain Free you are beyond God✌🏾

  5. No Oaths huh🤔
    Noble Drew Ali says, “There is only one thing for my people to do to be recognized by this Government and the Nations of the Earth”. That one thing is to UNIFY into a Free and Independent State. This is done by Proclaiming your Nationality in the Government in which you live and the Nations of The Earth. See Act 6 of the Divine Constitution and By-Laws. This is done when you “Pledge your Allegiance” to your State Government and take an Oath to uphold your State’s Constitution!!! Until you do so, you are a "stateless person"

  6. The moors are just another funny groups

    Ya all need to go back to ur root, we from the motherland are not moorish we are not related with Islamic, Islam were invaders, our spirituality is based on ifa.

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