December 7, 2021

19 thoughts on “Morning Minute – This Is America, Whipping Haitians on the Border, Colonized minds

  1. 👀…..sorry sis you’re wrong Africa is the Motherland granted But as melanated people (indigenous) we were all over this planet (.) Don’t take my word for it look it UP ‼️

  2. When I was there earlier this year, I too was appalled with the mindset of AA’s that I had to interact with. I’m building a house in one of those “communities” you spoke about, but I know now, that I will NOT be socializing with many in that “community”! Girl, I am with you on this topic! Most of the AA’s didn’t have much in America and come to Ghana acting like they kings and queens because their little money goes a “little” further in Ghana. Congratulations on your security company’s rating.

  3. I feel like I am the only person who noticed how much this woman love her people, and she absolutely want better for her people more than some of us care about ourselves. History will never repeat itself if most of us can appreciate her knowledge, meaning more people like her will come strong. I don't care where you live, Africa or America, just make us look better for once. How long are we gonna remain like this black people? I'm from 🇬🇭 and I am so glad you're Ghanaian blackunicorn.

  4. The same black folks who are emotionless towards the Haitians mistreatment in America are the same ones who would say Africans sold us or stood aside and allow us to be captured…

  5. Not just the taxi drivers Citi Tv out there shows bad drivers off there YouTube channel everyday it’s unorganized out there cause like you said we are really divided

  6. West Indian, we know our history! We live it and kept our culture and tradition; some of us still speak, african language! Could you not put all in it? You have to talk to us to know and am a teacher! It's from your understanding! Americans are different from us! We don't live any difference from Africans! Please don't think you know us! Speak for yourself!

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