November 30, 2021

40 thoughts on “Most Black Consciousness Youtubers are Part of the Problem

  1. My mom use to ask if I was hurt because of my actions towards men when I was teens. She never displayed that behavior, so she was concerned. The fact is, I was influenced by my friends and tv. I thought most black women act a certain way based on what I saw…it wasn't until I got older when I said, it's time I be me and stop allowing outside to influence me…my family and ancestors raised me differently, so I get your message

  2. Thank you for this. I say this all the time, not everyone grew up in a toxic family. I tried to listen to relationship advice from youtubers- less than 2 minutes, I'm clicking off. I am not a fatherless women, my mother isn't a narcissist and I am only seeking men who remind me of my dad- a line you don't hear often.

  3. They took over the music I'm black and 60 and the way I see it is this new stuff That is pasted off as black culture is the problem. The way I see it one of the only thing's that made black people different from other Americans was our music and yes they some times called it jungle music. But it helped us for me Marvin Gaye and Sly stone my hero and messengers. And for young people today it's Jay Z and Lil this and that. Music is propaganda Rap is ratchet.

  4. Great post, numbers can be manipulated & figures can be fudged. Amazing how people who claim to be intelligent still fall for the con/hoax over & over again just b/c it's popular or on radio, tv, mags, papers, books, etc & people are critical of this message…

  5. Listen here man; your stats are off because you're not paying attention to your own cover cartoon; any Melanated ("black") person who is in the employ of the hostile Euro-American public or private sector is wretched. The truth is, over 95% of the Melanated population is in a wretched state at the present moment because we have not, in any noteworthy way, built any products, owned any institutions (except a few colleges which are closing down) and we do not control any channels of commerce or communication. An employed "black" man is merely a beggar who happens to be on a payroll. You must understand, Shakaama, that there are varying degrees of wretchedness among our people; pants sagging, baby mama-ism and abusing the English language are simply one of the most noticeable forms of wretchedness because they are the most ridiculous. However, so long as we produce and own nothing, we will always be servile derelicts panting at the dinner table of Euro-American. I'm working on a plan to correct this problem. Support me:

  6. I understand your frustration and echo your sentiments. I have seen videos like the ones you are speaking of and have wondered if they know they are further promoting negative stereotypes. I'm guessing the answer is no, but the real answer is education and tuning into things that can elevate your mind. Great video, thanks for sharing your/our thoughts!

  7. I know you think you are helping ..but you are not.. your are hurting us… please stop..your message is not positive here. your lass message i watched was great and positive but this one is filled with anger…. ..

  8. The conscious movement is a hustle. You put any of those guys along with the civil rights leaders and militants in a black country, they would not know the first thing to do. They have no technical, mathematical, or industrial training and the government gives money for them to go to school.

  9. He contradicted himself so many times. How are you going to state the 8% and talk badly about them and then have the nerve to say black people need to come together. You sir, is what is wrong with Black Consciousness. You're speaking jibber jabber and the white man influenced you. You go do some REAL research. Uncle Tom lookin ass.

  10. I'm trying to be in positive company and possibly those newly adopted names that was given to us once again just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I wanna get the information, the truth and be in the know about ALL THINGS NUBIAN. preferably positive.

    anyway just want to get the information. Thank you for responding ☺

  11. Everything is a fucking problem, so get over it. 😀 humans act like trash even if they were not born in a trashy neighborhood! Because we got trashy ideas!! lol…the only problem is the lack of understanding in people…which leads to education.

  12. White people? White American's you mean. I'm Scottish and black People aren't hated or stereotyped here mate. You are doing exactly the same as the idiot's you are talking about.

  13. An organized lie trumps disorganized truth… Everybody has the right to their own opinion. But your approach is an illusion in it's self. I wasn't offended in the least bit because this is a matter of opinion. No facts just a lot of fluff. When you talk about deserving death you speak without any consciousness. Who are you to deem any value over a life you didn't create. See the thing about death us it don't affect the dead that much but everybody else left behind to morn pays heavy for this heartbreak. Arrogance and ignorance is the catalyst for your rant. You feel like you are better than your own but I don't see no difference… But keep screaming like a scary monster… It almost worked.

  14. This shit's right up my alley. You are sooo right. Stats can be very complicated and deceiving. The non-sense people are spouting does not line up and it is clear they know nothing about how stats are compiled. "Sampling" does not encompass an entire population.It's just that, a "sample". There are various methods of collecting data. SRS,observable studies and experiments and then there's the case of sampling "bias". Education is dangerous in that the educated individual knows BULLSHIT when they hear it and smell it. But it's easier for most to believe lies and misinformation than to research for themselves.

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