September 19, 2021

47 thoughts on “Move to South Africa| Get your forever home , lifestyle and pool included in Africa!

  1. I visited Washington DC and met an AA women from NY at a museum. I asked if she ever visited South Africa she told me she will never visit the continent because it’s diseased. Nuff said. Thank you for these videos

  2. Unbelievable, Our ugly houses in Cameroon are more expensive than this? 😲😲. A house like this in my country will cost $1 million and not even with this luxury.

  3. It would have been nice if the videographer would have actually panned to the features of the house versus just your face. Even when you moved out of the way to show the foyer – they stayed right on your face.

  4. I agreed the houses in South Africa are amazing but with sadness I left, as the country was becoming less and less prosperous to live in.Besides the crime load shedding,food prices have gone up so much for the ordinary South African to survive. Only foreigners could servive with exchange rate

  5. I am a South African living in Cape Town. It's a beautiful home, but the neighbours are intrusively close. I know you can get better for your buck. I also encourage all African descendants to return to Africa. Anywhere in Africa. It is painful to see the constant slaughter of black people in America. Get a dual citizenship if you can't make a permanent move.

  6. Thanks so much for the tour and you're absolutely gorgeous! Please can we see more of the house features and details, entrance, foyer, fixtures, stove, bathroom, floors, trim,…..

  7. Thanks.I really love the video and the way you presented the whole thing .Best shot.Thanks for bringing the best vibes to South Africa.Proud to have you here. God bless.

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