December 3, 2021


  1. Hahahaha African store in Switzerland go kiiii you ah swear, okay I went to buy indomie noodles one carton in an African store, I was told it's 45 swiss franc, haaaaa my spirit no allow me buy, I was walking back home I saw an Arabian Store and I walk in, did you know how much I bought the same indomie 15 franc. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I can totally relate! I am also a programmer, the assignments and quizzes are never ending. I'm studying computer science. my school is in Canada but I'm still in Nigeria. Thanks for the tips, they were helpful. I'm looking to move to Canada next year.

  3. Schooling over there is hard for a reason; shaping the person the future you would become, giving you a set of skills which may be useful in your career later on. Nigerian university is frustrating for no goddamn purpose other than “ this is a university and it’s meant to be hard”

  4. Hi Rosemary, thanks for the video! I have a question concerning international graduate admission for SDSMT. I recently completed my application and I see I have to use "WES" or "ECE" to send in my transcript. Can you help explain how this works and if its compulsory because that an extra $150 thereabout. Thanks!

  5. From the first one you talked about getting good grades, the thing is, in Nigeria there is nothing like due process or we are not just just used to due processes (just cram and pure it for the lecturer or simply read past questions or even bribery) unlike in USA where you have to obey the law. When such a new person gets over there it seems hard for them alright, this is because in Nigeria anything goes as long as you have the money but in places like the USA, you're not above the law, you must follow due process…. Thanks for the incite tho, i wish you the best..

  6. 1. She's walking & talking to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
    2. It's not easy to study in USA. YES, YOU NEED TO WORK. As an American… Let me tell you our grading scale differs from city to city to state. I grew up with 93 -100= A. My boyfriend was in Tempe, AZ and they used a 10point scale. I had a 7 point scale all my life 😠
    3. Grading scales must be higher than her home country and this is surprising. But, she's happy to say you can't bribe for better grades.
    4. Clothes are not cheap as she was told. Buy what you need & don't convert the exchange rate.
    5. Prepare for the cold. 2 jackets: thick & thin.
    6. African stores are everywhere and you won't have to change the money. Nope. Depends on where you are. She has to go 6 hours to find such.

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