September 22, 2021

30 thoughts on “Moving Abroad in 4 weeks | Living in South Africa Johannesburg | Storytime

  1. gave me goose bumps at 28:26" I have been living in england for almost 16 years and not a day goes by that i dont miss S.A it is constantly calling mr back. My wife who is white british visited SA 2 years ago (johannesburg) she had a wonderful time and is hoping for us to live there in the future. She had a similar experience before she visited ..people making her worried about the crime and the bad things she might experience but as soon as she landed in SA all of those worries dissapeared. Great share!!! Finally someone has shared their experience about the beauty of S.A

  2. Watching this to up my spirits about SA. Praying for more optimism โ™ฅ๏ธ Thank you for sharing this.

    Edit: I always tell people the English cold makes my bones hurt! Found it so funny that you said the same thing, lol. Can't compete with SA weather.

  3. Thx. What is wrong with a shack? I have shack with an AC and with TV. And what's wrong lions? I have lion. Crime is very bad. U need a Lion and Elephant to protect your cars and shack.

  4. I think most South Africans take SA for granted, many haven't travelled to or lived overseas so are often under the impression that everywhere overseas is better. I was one of them, until I moved away and found out that SA is pretty unique and amazing, I have missed it every day. Thanks for sharing you are so positive and sweet.

  5. We drove from Jo'burg to Cape Town several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact most trips in SA we drove and most of the people we knew did the same.

  6. When our children were younger we used to take ' holidays to nowhere'. We would pack the car and just drive. When we arrived at a junction we would vote – left or right – ,,,, and the majority vote would win . We found the most amazing places and people that under other circumstances we would never have considered visiting .

  7. Yes Its a long way from Joburgh to Cape Town / 1400k but break the drive up into three days – two nights- and treat the drive as part of the holiday and on the way back go via another route and see more amazing places in South Africa

  8. So jealous, wish I could move home immediately. Deeply regret moving to the UK, it is not at all what the brochure advertises. Grey, cold and miserable…depression and negativity in abundance. I miss the sunshine and smiling faces more than I thought possible.

  9. Claire whenever you get the chance to relax and READ, please indulge in Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane. Available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT….thank you for your support!

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