September 22, 2021

11 thoughts on “Moving Back To Nigeria: Watch Me Move Back To Africa Series | It's Iveoma

  1. No place like home my fellow Nigeria…please my advice is let all stop travelling to other man country…..let learn to build Nigeria a better place…no condition is permanent…..let be strong…..we are treated like animals abroad….so let be wise and remain in our
    Land Nigeria……Let know our country is the best and see good
    In it..

  2. I plan to move to Lagos after nursing school. I will definitely subscribe and follow your journey. I will need some insight navigating the move, as an AA with no family in Nigeria. Im looking for a community of black ex-pats to help make the transition smoother.

    Whenever you feel that tug on your spirit, act on it! So many people want to project their fears on you because of their own limitations. Thanks for your content girl!

    Lmao you had me dead at 3:40, Im actually looking forward to living somewhere where everything isn't perfect or works properly 24/7 lol. call me crazy but I feel like living in America is almost like a facade, an illusion when the rest of the world doesn't work that smoothly.

  3. I think it's exciting for you to move to Nigeria. I am interested in knowing if you have your own business or if you will be looking for work once you get there. I wish you the best!

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