August 12, 2022

28 thoughts on “Moving from Africa (Kenya) to Europe( Finland) EP 1 part 2

  1. Is nursing still an in demand career in finland ama its no longer a hot cake ? By the way yes finnish and swahili are soo similar I was quite surprised about that. I am interested in applying for nursing so I have started teaching myself finnish language using free online resources.

  2. If you are in an area where there are many tourists and travellers, local people passing by are probably too busy or tired of trying to understand different accents and figure out how to help people. Those places have information desks and professionals to give advice. Then there are also professional foreign pickpockets, beggars etc., who visit Helsinki and have made people worried about meeting foreign strangers especially in city centers.

  3. 6 years ago in September 2014 kehärata and the railway station at the airport wasn't finished. It wasn't in operation, so that's a possible reason why you where not advised to use it.

  4. Carthie the way you narrate the blondie part left me in 🤣🤣🤣 and it's 4 am
    I love the way you slide back to motherland(accent)😍😍

  5. I think the train from the airport wasn't finished yet 6y ago – came later..
    Keep it up, interesting stories.
    Oh and I think you were unlucky at train syation, most under 50 I'd say speak English. Guess Hki train station just is a place with lots of beggars and stuff and ppl just want to get where they are going..

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