January 16, 2022

30 thoughts on “Moving from Africa to Europe alone at 17 (my experience)

  1. Hey girl we r the same age 🎊🎊🎊 I also went to uni at 17, in SA though, but I was at res so it was kinda sheltered but had the freedom, I think I'm just a home body so I didn't do much, just studied, hahahahaa but wow such an experience

  2. africa has so much potential. economic prosperous times are right around the corner. you should consider moving back. don't miss out the great opprotunities that are in africa

  3. My fellow South African sister💫❤,your story is very heart warming and inspiring.Keep growing into an independent young woman,I wish you all the best on your journey 🙏🏽please keep the videos coming as well😂❤❤😘

  4. I'm 17 and I understand what ur talking about negative friends. They seem to be there for a certain period 😔 and it must have been hard for you let go of your old friend.

  5. This is my favorite video yet! 🥺❤️🤞🏽girl you know how much I appreciate hearing about your experience (really puts things into perspective for me)♥️🙌🏽you have beautifully bloomed 🌺😪

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