September 18, 2021

23 thoughts on “Moving From Africa To Europe||Africans moving to Europe#africansineurope

  1. Language is definitely the first thing someone should think about, so hard to learn a language from scratch…nice one fam,
    All in all, the first 5 years is a helll, nothing is easy, everything new, mimi i wanted kurudi nyumbani hahahah cost of living nayo, i really love how you explained in deep, well done fam, well well done!

  2. Hey sis! Oh wow! Love love this topic! So true! This is so informative as there is so much misconceptions about living in a foreign country! I love the way you break it down! This is reality of living abroad right here! Great content! 👍🏽🥰❤️

  3. Hi Leah, this a nice video. Its good to tell the people the truth about Europe. The challenges i faced was learning the language, and working with white people. Not easy at all.

  4. great informarive video surely u said it all
    its good to learn culture you were thinking like the way i think at times need to learn more iys headche tell me about loneliness before the child it was bad but when baby come things changed great u have an online buisness u doing great looking well

  5. Hmm if you can't express yourself because of language is so fluctuating. The cultural differences really bother when you are new in abroad. " just be focus", very true, facing reality and expectation. Great topic.

  6. True sis loneliness is not good at all… it brings a lot of thought to ones head and lauguage barrier too🥺… expectations vs reality. But at the end it takes time and patience and everything will fall in place

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