October 20, 2021

9 thoughts on “Moving From Cape Town, South Africa |Channel Trailer | #Expat #SouthAfricanYoutuber | Family Vlog

  1. This is my channel introduction video. Please enjoy. Do not forget to subscribe, comment and introduce yourself ,like the video and share it. Thank you and welcome to my channel.

  2. Hi i just watched your video, i injoyed it very much. you and youre family our all amazing.i watch biographies about Africa all the time i would love to go there someday, i fell in love with the kids they melt my heart, so well behaved. i live in Wva USA but i have always been so interested in Africa and learning all about it, i really injoyed your video thanks so much.

  3. Hi MammaDee. I really respect you and enjoy your videos. I am a South African who would like to move to British Columbia, Canada. I am busy planning to move within the next 5 years. If you have any advice on emigrating I would really appreciate it. Wishing you well.. Mike

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