September 22, 2021

28 thoughts on “Moving from Nigeria to America – What to Expect (coming to america from nigeria)

  1. I need to correct you on some things about America. You did not clearly identify whom look down on community college, I hope you not stating Americans.

    You stated dog poop on the floor , you will find places where people don’t pick up behind themselves or their dogs. That is anywhere in the world.

    There are plenty foreigners here in America that are doing ok that are in better living conditions. Before I change careers, I work with a few.

    I agree America is built on racism, you could have researched that before you move here.

    Africans don’t like us black Americans we don’t know why. Maybe they love their oppressors and hate the people with their same skin complexion.

    Majority of Africans come over here with a chip on their shoulder.

    You are talking all over the place, you should have watch your own video before you posted it.

    It is not completely authentic

  2. Thanks for the info I have subscribed to your channel, I want to ask, is it possible for a tourist to attend community college while in America because it is not everyone that wants to marry for papers.

  3. Stumbled over your video , I’m an American and your very accurate about racism . It’s so draining , comments like move back to Africa etc.. When I am from here , wish I could go to Africa someday !

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