January 16, 2022

32 thoughts on “Moving from South Africa to Amsterdam (Netherlands) – My process of moving abroad and settling in..

  1. Mooi Chrstistina. Baie, baie geluk. Een van my vriende werk vir Sasol, Hamburg. Dit net die TOP-TOP mense wat slaag. Daar's baie plekke daar met 'n Zuid-Afrikaanse verbintenis. Ek het nog my plattegrond van Amsterdam. En ek het nog my Rijksdalders! Jy het dit nu aangeraak. Eers met my terugkeer na die RSA het ek die boek van Paul Kruger gelees. Sy vlug uit die ZAR. Waar het hy tuisgegaan in Nederland. Die kerke wat hy besoek het. Nederland sal my altijd my bly…

  2. Hi Christina, love your channel. I am moving to Amsterdam end August and have found it to be such a great resource!

    I am looking at places to stay so long and would be curious to know which neighborhoods you would recommend to live in? I am also wanting to be close to shops and a bit of bustle and would be keen to know if you have any top picks to share 🙂

  3. Before wasting everyone's time, I need help to obtain a letter from Home Affairs Office (when open again for other services) regarding Exemption Certificate for travelling with 2 passports. I'm in possession of a South African and Netherlands passport.

  4. Hi Christina, dankie vir die video, dit gee mens n goeie idee wat om te verwag. Ek trek in Februarie Nederland toe (hang af van Covid ook), kan jy miskien vir my se of ek n unabridged geboorte sertifkaat nodig het om te registreer vir my residence permit? Of kan die oorspronklike SA geboorte sertifikaat werk?

  5. Hi. just found your account. You've legit been so helpful and so informative. im going to start my 2nd year in bcom accounting this year. when exactly should i apply to a firm for my articles if you dont mind me asking?

  6. Hey, some great info thank. My girlfriend and I are also looking to move from Durban to Amsterdam in 2022. What would you say is a realistic number when renting a studio apartment there… Like on average? I've been told minimum €1000 per month.

  7. Hello Christina, are you comfortable disclosing the name of the company you worked for in south africa that made it possible for you to immigrate, and if not is there a place to get more information about companies that offer this option to their employees in south africa?

  8. Ahh I'm so glad I found your channel Christina! I am an aspiring CA(SA), currently in my second year of BAccounting and also signed with a Big Four. I would love to live in the Netherlands one day, thank you for this super informative video!

  9. Amazing step, moving all the way from South-Africa to the Netherlands. I have checked it on Google Maps: 9.688 km between Cape Town and Amsterdam.
    But you have to learn Dutch also in order to be integrated into the society (maatschappij) of the Netherlands.

  10. Hi Christina, ek is in my finale jaar van studies. Kan mens jou artikels doen in Nederland? Ek sukkel om inligting te kry (Nie seker of hulle ander name gebruik die dat ek nie die inligting kry wat ek soek nie). Ek wil verkieslik my artikels oorsee doen en soek bietjie inligting by mense oor die proses daar.

  11. Hey Christina, do you by chance know the high school/international school hair regulations? I've heard the dutch are accepting people and i'm kind of hoping I can grow my hair out in the Netherlands. South African schools are really thick when it comes to hair regulations.

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