October 26, 2021

22 thoughts on “Moving from South Africa to Ireland – Our experience

  1. Mate you did the right thing, you're more than welcome in Europe, you should come visit France someday. I have 2 friends from South Africa and one of them had a family member murdered in their farm so he decided to leave SA. If I could I'd support all Boers coming here, stay safe.

  2. Ireland is cold wet windy and grey skies 95% of the time. The lockdown has been the strictest in Europe. You pay high taxes, high rental costs, spend money on fuel for heating your home, your indoors most of the time and at the moment can only go 5km from home. Dressing in warm clothes all the time gets annoying.

  3. The concept of safety gets old quickly. The realization of a lifetime of being a foreigner in a country with crap weather till your dying days never gets old

  4. Hi Ger, I have also been considering a move to Ireland. Are there any opportunities in finance field? I am US born with SA parents. I am currently working in SA. I love it in SA, but I would love more international experience.

  5. Howzit man. Ek en my verloofde oorweeg baie sterk om volgende jaar Ierland toe te kom, en die video het my baie gerus gestel aangesien ek ook n QS is. Kan ek asseblief met jou in kontak kom om bietjie te gesels?


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