September 20, 2021

40 thoughts on “Moving from South Africa to New Zealand – Immigration Documentary

  1. Lucky you and your ancestors weren't black, aye. It's no wonder there's an anti white feeling among many in SA after what they've been subjected to. It's scary for whites and I can see why you want to leave. But you can surely understand?

  2. Watching the video was very emotional for me. Born and raise in Cape Town, South Africa is no joy anymore actually for the last 25 years. I stay in a security complex and live in fear, because my children are targets because of the colour of their skin. I fear if I turn my back that they will get hurt by those you hate them. We must hear we are too white and must go to Europe. One say to my 5 year old daughter to make way when she sees them. I can't help if me and my family are light skin and and and, but we pay a heavy price daily. We can't get jobs, because of the colour of our skin. It angers me, because I was born in this beautiful country, but think of leaving South Africa for New Zealand, because I fear for my little ones.

  3. Hi I am a female of colour. It makes me very sad that so many white Afrikaaners feel they can no long live here in S.A.
    What you express is what many hardworking, honest God fearing people of colour also feel.
    A sense of hopelessness, you see and read of so many things that has gone so horrible wrong here. I just makes me angry.
    However we can not just throw our hands up in the air and walk away. We need to find a way to return S.A. back to God and all her beautiful people, black and white.

  4. It was very obvious that black South Africans couldn't run South Africa. South Africa was a developed nation with sophisticated institutions, infrastructure and industries. South Africa will be just like Zimbabwe in the very near future. I think the solution would be: (i)- Let the white South Africans run the country while building more schools in black communities area, let more black youth in Universities and higher education. (ii)- Give the black people more opportunities in the labour market, so they can earn skills (iii)- Let the transformation of black economy and black education take it's time.
    (iv)- white South Africans should be honest and giving in order to transform the country from apartheid to democracy . (v) An eventually both whites and blacks live in peace and harmony. And build South Africa together. (vi)- white South Africans should come up with a plan to share land with their country men who suffered deeply from apartheid system.
    I am black by the way

  5. This was a really great video, the beginning was quite shocking. It is an unbreakable cycle of hatred that quite frankly I'm glad you made the decision to break away from. So glad you came here to NZ, not because it is a safe country (any country can be safe under the right Government) but the skills you, your wife and your children will develop, that contributes to NZ's future. NZ will never be #1 at everything, we actually don't care. The focus has always been about each other, and we don't always get it right. There's a lot of EGGS (idiots) too among us which in the overall scheme of things, quite tolerable.

    I hope those left behind are coping and surviving in such a harsh environment, where the government are destroying the very human resources that will solve SA's problem. Straight Up!

  6. chur chur, welcome to aotearoa! home of the long white clouds. really love south africans, but i find it odd that alot of south africans that went to my school often separated in their own districts. and will try interact with fellow south africans. only from my experience, we all try welcome them with open arms

  7. Damn the SA government gonna run that country into the ground, and live off handouts from the rest of the world when they really dont need 2. I guess the chinese will come with lots of money and take advantage of their dire situation. But the corrupt politicians will pocket the money and the people will still suffer

  8. My wife and i have just started looking at moving to NZ. We went to see an immigration agency but something just does not feel right, R100 000 in fees alone just to help you look for employment, that does not sit well with me.

    Hopefully deciding to do this on our own and not use an agency will pay off.

    Your documentary has given us the push and insight of what it would be like to live in a country free from corruption.

  9. Hi… Thank you for this clip helps alot… hope it's not too late to get an answer but did you guys use and agent to assist with immigration and work and if so which one pls…thanks

  10. I put this on when I hit the sack thinking I would take it in subconsciously. The thing is I was still awake at the end 🙂 boy oh boy was I tired at work today!

  11. That's very interesting, and I share your point of you. I must say I'm puzzled by your video "There isn't too much immigration in New Zealand", can't you see that the african continent will have a demography of 2 billion very soon, and that India is already at 1.4 billion ? Why would you ever want to import many people from there in NZ and recreate the exact same reason why you left SA in the first place ?

    NZ NEED to start putting a massive stop to immigration to preserve what makes this country wonderful, it's peacefull atmosphere and culture paired with a low demography !!
    Why can't you see that ?

  12. Hi from Sydney Australia. I left SA Jan 1983. I feel sad about the current situation at home. As a person of colour I had such high hopes when the brutal apartheid finally ended. I thought peace would come to my country and folks would live happily together in Madiba's rainbow nation. Sadly it was not meant to be. Seems like none of our lives matter….If only they would pray to God for wisdom on how to run the country rather than their ancestors we might become the rainbow nation yet.

  13. My wife and I have started our paperwork to get out of SA ASAP and start our new life in New Zealand. Can't wait to get over there. Thank you for the information.

  14. As an Afrikaans speaking South African I applaud you for making this video. I love how everything worked out so well for your family.
    Not only does it take maturity and a lot of backbone, but it also shows your love for South Africa and the fact that all the talk about a "better"South Africa is just pie-in-the-sky rubbish with the aim to execute numerous nefarious agenda's on the African continent with its final target being South Africa. As someone who is planning her own immigration, I admire the decision that you took and wish you and your family ALL THE BEST in your new countr. I too have family in NZ and they LOVE it there. Vat Hom!

  15. …and another white person moves to New Zealand. More klippies and coke for us bru. Don't worry, you'll be replaced by our Zimbabwe friends streaming over the border. At least they actually want to be here

  16. I was over awed by my first sight of a south african when we took ages to get to the game. I was 11yrs. The 1956 Spring Boxs.They were Giants, but i loved them. ' Retief,Van De Merwe ,Di Koch to name a few, but since i played in the backs my idol was ' Tom Van Vonlonhofen. I never forgot that trip and always remember it to this day. Welcome to New Zealand.

  17. Kia Ora Bro, Haere Mai to GodsZone hehe….Us Kiwis have that special something we call "Mana"… Tangata Whenua we extend that Mana to you and your whanau, hope you settle well where you choose to in Aotearoa, and put the past behind you….Kia Kaha!!!

  18. The problem is that you start out saying you love everyone and then start the video showing life after Apartheid. If you loved everyone you would have showed the affects that Apartheid had on society as a whole. Instead you lead with the idea that you were never given anything and was taught that you had to work hard for everything you have, you have inherited what you have because your forefathers have robbed, killed, and instituted systems that would insure that you and others who looks like you would have an advantage. If there were more fairness historically there wouldnt be such vast disparities.

  19. Apartheid against citizens bar those administering the country. Brought tears in my eyes to see SA come into the light in the 90's & now peed off that it's led back into the dark. All those leading the way out would be crying.

  20. I'm so glad I came across this video, Thank you so much for giving us access to your space and sharing the experience. Really enjoyed it. So much I can relate to as we consider NZ as an option of leaving SA too. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos and being connected. #Stay blessed👍

  21. All countries have problems. You have moved, so why are you still obsessed with South Africa. Enjoy New Zealand. Let those that love South Africa and are still there deal with the problems. Your negativity is not going to solve South Africa's problems. Those who envy New Zealand can move so long and we will continue to work to sort out the corruption and problems beseeching South Africa.

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