September 19, 2021

22 thoughts on “Moving From SOUTH AFRICA TO THE UK | Part One | Babzie Lifestyle

  1. 6:34 I remember when I moved to South Africa from Botswana in 1990. I was consistently asked if I had running water in my house or if lions roamed my garden and if I went to school by donkey cart or horse back. I couldn’t get over how ignorant people were.

  2. Wow! Great video & interesting story. I am applying for jobs in the UK and wanna move there. Hoping for the best, you can also advise on what approach i can use to apply for jobs that side. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  3. Hi

    Quick question, how old was ur mom when she move to U.K. I m trying to also get sponsored jobs to move to UK with my husband and 2 baby girls im from south Africa Johannesburg, your help here will be highly appreciated

  4. Your story is almost exactly similar to mine, from year you moved, reason for moving and everything in between. I remember I cried because of the cold when I got outside the airport too😂😭
    I would love it if you checked out my short (first) concept videos on my channel.

    I'm living in the U.K but was born in S.A 🇿🇦, I will be bringing my real content soon, but have uploaded for fun right now.

    BIG LOVE TO Y'ALL❤ (especially anyone who can just watch even for 1 or 2 minutes)

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