September 28, 2021

30 thoughts on “Moving from SOUTH AFRICA to VIETNAM during the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | TRAVEL VLOG #1 | NEXT

  1. Hey guys. So glad ive found some Saffas in Vietnam. I see you're at emg education. Ive just been offered a job there in hcmc. It is possible to whatsapp you? Ive received my contract and would like some advice. Thank you!🙏

  2. This is so cool! me and my boyfriend are about to move to Saigon as well in a few weeks! We don't know a lot of expats around but this will be the most exciting thing in our lives after being on lockdown in the Philippines for over a year now.

  3. Do you know what defines the
    Millennials generation?,
    Mechanized consumerism.
    You have all been brainwashed and indoctrinated into a homogenous behavior pattern
    And thought process,
    Its easy to do now that you are all hypnotized by your god
    The iphone and your bible social media.
    There used to be a difference among cultures, the west
    The east, countries, cultural backgrounds but now the masters really have you where they want, obedient, addicted and more or less mindless
    And malleable.
    Its a brave new world of mundane copycats and constant neediness Taylor made just for you.
    I always wonder we the
    Material and superficial way you all have been bright up how would you fare in a world
    Of decades ago that was not designed to entertain constantly lazy consumer addicts of the x, y, z types.
    Pleasant travels

  4. With open arms, welcome to Vietnam guys.
    By the way, it is illegal to look that gorgeous Christine. Might cause a lot of distraction. Good job Charl. 👍

  5. How can u buy a ticket to Vietnam?? I was stucked in Germany and it costs 1100€ for a random ticket or even 3500€ at the moment. Really miss my homeland, there is no pandemic and everybody’s happy with casual life. :<

  6. Hello! You two don't get me wrong about our country Vietnam because of the lies of Vietnam's enemies and they are in exile in another country, they are traitors, they always speak ill of the country of Vietnam. They brought the invaders' weapons into Vietnamese territory and killed their own people. Do you remember the April 30, 1975 event? Our army attacked them and gained freedom and independence for the Vietnamese people. At that time, they fled to other countries and lived in disgrace. Now, after 46 years, they still hate Vietnam, they want Vietnam to suffer a crisis and violence broke out like America in 2020. I really appreciate your love for the country of Vietnam. We recommend that you both visit historical museums about the Vietnam War. Thank you two and wish you two both a wonderful life

  7. You two are lucky. I have not been back since I left in 1983 as boat people.. hopefully someday. From what I see in YouTube, Vietnam has changed quite a bit 🙂

  8. May I ask how did you able to get a flight ticket to Vietnam? They have cancelled all international flights, only locals can request flight ticket to go back home as I been told. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Found you guys while watch Max's food vlog in Saigon. Good camera worth, clear voice, and video story telling. Keep up the commentary, tips. Keep us in the loop of prices for things. Cant wait to see your vlogs on apartment search and such.

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