September 21, 2021

15 thoughts on “Moving in Africa | Overland by van from Kenya to Uganda #vlog #travel #movingday

  1. oh mehn you slept through Jinja. source of the great river nile, my homeland, thats so sad.
    anyways i guess you have seen many oceans and seas so no big deal 🙁

  2. What an exciting trip right? I last took that trip as a child. I enjoyed watching this. 2 hours to get cleared at the boarder you meant? It's nice to see you settling into Kampala. I love these vlogs a lot Natalie.

  3. You got my attention right from the very first scene: a truck on the highway transporting a herd of giraffes. I have not seen this ANYWHERE ELSE–not even in "only in Russia" videos!

  4. That was pretty exciting traveling with you on this journey. Did you sleep at all during that ride? I would have been completely exhausted just sitting there like that. But, at least you didn't have to drive. But again, thanks for the narration on the trip because it helps me to "feel" what that journey was like. As an aside Nat. During the vlog I kept noticing your eyes changing color. Sometimes they are an ice-like blue/grey, sometimes blue and other times brown. Did you know your eyes picked up light like that? Kinda cool.
    Anyway, keep posting these. I visited Capetown, South Africa about a year ago now and found the people to be extremely warm and friendly. The food was amazing. I never knew Capetown was a big vacation/destination spot until I saw the size of the airplane headed there. Wow. Be well Nat. I'll be here in Vegas on my virtual tour traveling with you. All the best.

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