November 30, 2021

32 thoughts on “Moving to a NEW ANCHORAGE with our NEW ANCHOR ⚓

  1. We love your channel, just wish you would show us more detail. If you go to a full moon party, cant you show us what a full moon party involves? If you have a braai, can you please show us what that is? A bit more detail would give your episodes a bit more depth. We love watching your adventures, we just sometimes feel a bit confused as you don't give us enough detail.

  2. It's worth noting that the bane of the lion fish is an Atlantic phenomenon because they have no natural predators in the Atlantic. They're native to the Pacific, where their populations are naturally controlled and they're not spreading unreasonably.

  3. "New anchor for some peace of mind" 🙂 We had the same idea last year, guys. Same anchor (I guess – we have a 20kg one). It goes nowhere, even if you make circles around it, it just digs in. We already had it in winds over 50 knots without moving. Good choice.
    Happy greetingz,

  4. Fantastique reef diving for a couple long hours – actually the best this year. Michelle & I had a great time and lion fish supper. Merci beaucoup pour l'experience. PS – Now I have Mantis envy 😉

  5. Hallo daar Ricky en Simone ….. Greetings from NZ …. I Never really comment on your 'Engineering' abilities ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …. You are more than capable to do Everything, As you Do …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …. But I actually Heard you drop the Anchor BEFORE I actually saw it …. I had a good look and it looks like the Anchor Chain Rollers are 'Way to Small' in Diameter …. ????? Looks like they should be At Least 3 X that existing diameter….. This so that you have more links in contact and less 'Fold' of each individual pair of link ….. ????? Mooi Bly en lekker Kuier….. Thanks for yet another Great Vidclip …. Cheers from Christchurch, New Zealand

  6. Ahhh the anchor size question. It always brings me back to a "lively discussion" I overheard a few years ago between a pair of salty old farts. It went something like this
    SOF1: If you know your anchorage you do not need anything special! Why get something so big it almost touches the prow?
    SOF2: Because you can't always judge the bottom holding you daft bugger!
    SOF1: I ALWAYS know the holding of my anchorage! (insulted look on his face)
    SOF2: Really now? Who was it that dragged their anchor in Tincan Bay a few years ago? Not like you're young enough to dive any deeper than the bath at home!
    SOF1: This wasn't MY fault, <insert name here> didn't put out enough scope!
    SOF2: You were the captain!
    SOF1: Still not MY fault!
    SOF2: Bullshit it wasn't!
    SOF1: You're just compensating with that huge plow of a thing!
    SOF2: Don't cry to me when you need a tow off the sand bar next week!

    SOF1 left shortly after, so I asked what the hell that was all about, He told me "I upgraded my anchor after dragging near a lee shore a few months ago. It's meant for a boat half again as heavy as my boat and old <SOF1> is jealous"

    My take away was this. Better to be laughed at with an anchor that looks too big than to be begging for help when you drag anchor into shallow water.

    And if you're reading this mate, hello from that young fella who was curious enough to ask you a question! Fair winds and following seas mate!

  7. Hi guys good to see you are both still enjoying Grenada. The new location looks good and the diving. Unfortunately lobster season is over.
    Now that you are at anchor and not on the move so much tyou will get growth on the hul. Dont think you'll have any problems with the new anchor it's a good choice. Enjoy the new location and have fun. 🙂

  8. Thank you for another lovely video, Simone and Ricky. Just FYI, tried your Patreon link and it does not work for me. Has extra characters at the end of the URL when opening it for some reason. Deleted them and then it works. Greetings from the UK from a previous Cape Town'ian.

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