September 25, 2021

22 thoughts on “Moving to Africa Channel Update

  1. Yeah… The police part is The main reason why I would've picked a western country.

    Sure, corruption is everywhere but what you described is a bit too out in the open for me to be comfortable with!

    On the bright side, the scenery looks beautiful from what I could see! Be sure to get your malaria vaccines and stuff i guess? Those tropical diseases are no joke!

  2. Well you're vertical. I sorta guessed there would be health issues to start. Africa does have a reputation for that. I completely forgot to consider the legal environment. I'm glad to hear that you have a"fixer" of sorts to help out. You take care and learn how to function in your new home. Don't worry about the videos, they are way down the list. Taking care of the G units is at the top and getting ready to teach is important too. I'm not sure what you can say to the folks who question your move. I figure that you are a lot like me and live for the challenges. Any way, what are you teaching and what are the students like?

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