September 20, 2021


  1. Loud! True dat! At a Mall in North York in Toronto, Mall security was alerted that a fight was going on in the car park. When the security rushed outside they started laughing. Why? Nigerians who congregate there after work were…talking and shooting the breeze!

  2. The first thing I did when I went to Nigeria was to leave my negative education about Africa at Huston airport. I did not try to compare America with Nigeria. Because of my decision I had the best time I could have in crazy Lagos. Dinners, theatre, concerts, bars, shopping, FABULOUS.

  3. In❤️ your hair, makeup and earrings. You are 💯 right when you say it’s pointless to compare one country to another. I had culture shock moving to Bradford, Yorkshire from Birmingham to study. It was like being in another country at first lol but I got used to it!

  4. You be shock, frustrated from when you land to when you leave. Nigeria is actually a fully developed country run badly or not at all. They have all the modern infrastures and services but it 100% corrupt and badly run. They have Education system, Security army, police; Transport services ie aviation system, rail road networks system; Electricity power system, sports; Government system, all communication services ie TV, Radio, phone, telecommunication, entertainment and media systems, hospitals in all the states, natural tourism, food and farming from local to federal, all of it they have but run badly by idiots. now if that doesn't shock you into frustration. I don't what it will. More than culture shock, is how idiots are running the place that will give you thought for wonder.

  5. The Culture shock for me, being raised in a Nigerian household in London, tolarating being addressed like a long lost close friend or relative by complete strangers…😂 African forgot about African Visitations time.😂..when close friends or close relatives think you got so much time so they make unexpectedly visits without calling to check your availability….

  6. I think you covered most of it. One thing that a German friend pointed out about Nigerians when she came around was that we don’t take breakfast seriously. It’s a normal thing to skip breakfast here but it was a huge culture shock for her

  7. Hi Funke ,i always enjoy your youtube episodes.One of the culture shocks you forgot is for foreigners (especially women) who go to buy things from the local market to know that people will always call you to come and buy things from them without asking what you are looking for.people are not going to leave you alone to shop quietly .

  8. Hi Funke! Coming from the West visitors may also be shocked by jungle justice. I once saw a man who was being beaten so badly by a mob I doubt he survived. Then there was one girl who was stripped down to her pants and bra and severely smacked around by an older woman whose store the girl allegedly shoplifted from. You probably will not see such in the West. Witnessing these things you would think that no one goes to church in Nigeria, but we can blame it on duality I suppose.

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