January 16, 2022

14 thoughts on “MOVING TO AFRICA from AMERICA- NOT EVERYONE WILL GET IT Love The Life You Live | Florence Choice

  1. Yes I'm looking forward to visit Alkebu-Lan (Afrika) if She's good & positive as Everybody says than Let's go for of leaving Dam Erika (Amerika) regardless how & what some of Us may feel that wants to stay in slavery Matrix Amerikkka!

  2. that's true story,everywhere there is challenge of life,this morning i listen to one sister who has been hits cause of someone during the night when she was sleeping someone came around the house but he did not get in the house and this person he took something and runni off,so the sister get scad and she said she wants move back to US,i just said to her that don't take ur sunshine away cause i thing no matter where you go you ll all find bad minds people,took those who decided to come back in motherland of course you ll find some challenge but don't take away ur vision cause of someone just be strong and move on with your life,so my brothers and sisters Africa is ur homeland and ur All welcome back home,black oneness community,Africa is our homeland be blezz those who are already in side mamaland,also blezz all brothers and sisters who wants or who prepare to move back home in Africa we love it its our roots so don't forget ur roots

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