September 19, 2021

24 thoughts on “Moving to Africa from America – Why I am moving to Africa and why you should return

  1. Life in Africa is a lot different but there are real opportunities there for hardworking people. You can build an empire in Africa especially Nigeria and Ghana if you are lucky to meet good people. Be careful of your association. If you are moving to Africa, give Nigeria a try, Ghana is also a cool place with lots of African Americans. Invest in Agriculture and farming or rather do something you are passionate about.

  2. My brother finished from hertfordshire university in the UK , £16,000 every year tuition , went back home to Nigeria , biggest mistake , till date no job , don’t move bk if u don’t have connections please save ur self .

  3. I’m Afro American and I hate USA and want to assimilate to An african culture

    After becoming consciously aware it’s a very scary step and I am currently interacting with Africans in USA however many of them seem to abandon their native language and culture and assimilate to hip hop culture in USA why Africans do that? Hold onto great cultures in motherland which is culturally rich

  4. 27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
        when it is in your power to act.

    Massage lightly from head to toe, face lips eyes and all, neck, chest, under arms shoulders front and back of arms , hands nails,stomach, groin, butt line right side, spine from back of head to tail bone, knees, inner and outer thighs, legs front and back ,ankle toes nails top and bottom of feet ,shower , soup,  socks, it's allergy season , lymph nodes, glands, and cartlige massage, works on pets too,

  5. My hope is to live in both Canada and the Caribbean, but it would take a great deal of resources. God willing, it will happen before the next generation; when my children are born.

  6. Thank for sharing as a congolese born and raised lived in france my biggest regret is to come to france, but corona show me it's not good place to stay as black man i never get stressful until coming in Paris, now i save money to go back and start Crops organicalli because congo Import more chickend in europe, poultry in France is many chimical, but we have good land in Congo to become a farmer i get skills to start bisness and help people in africa to show them how to farm and plant many threes sorry for bad english

  7. AA u don't have to lose your American comforts when u live in South Africa, we have the best infrastructure, democracy, banking system, etc. If you interested to visit or move to SA, checkup @TheRealSouthAfrica Youtube channel owned by USA expats living in SA. They will show you SA u didn't know exists. They will help you with your bookings/VISA. You can also email them at

  8. See him mouth. I love how you've gone quiet since the current ENDSARS protests.. it's like people abroad get delusional about the true state of Nigeria when they've spent a few years in the west.. oya pack your bags and go back home na.. with your fake Canadian/igbotic accent… and see if police no go frustrate your life.

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