September 20, 2021

21 thoughts on “Moving To (Africa) Ghana | What You Should Know Before Moving to Ghana | EVE'S EYE

  1. Yes Yes, I love her video, I really want to move to Africa, I was looking at Ghana, Gambia, Uganda, or Liberia. I have a business here in the states plus I am a retire Vet, but how could I transfer and get all my benefits still? It will be a big move, but I really want to do it.

  2. Hey there sister. I’d like to get detailed information on how much it would cost to move from the US to Ashanti region of Ghana. Or best 1st and 2nd move as an American. Thanks

  3. I'm African American and have been researching a move to Ghana for years now. Everything you said confirms a lot of what I've learned so far. Thanks for sharing. The businesses that are good for people moving to Ghana or most countries on the continent are, agriculture ( both for Ghana and export), processing, manufacturing, distribution and import/export. There is an abundance of natural resources that are not benefiting the continent because of the lack of those things. It doesn't have to be this big highly technical situation. It can be basic efforts starting small and build from there. Yes it will take time on the ground networking and establishing relationships but if done right will be well worth it. There's a lot of ( legitimate) information out there to help in research and development. There's also people on the ground with programs that will train you on what's up before you even go. Dr Harnett right here on YouTube is a good place to start.
    I hope this helps you and your viewers in ways too stay in Ghana.

  4. So let me get this right, people are going to leave the United States of America, which she is making look even better right now, and go and suffer, in order to be with people that’s your skin color?

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