September 28, 2021

20 thoughts on “Moving to Africa is suicide, before you come you better consider these things.

  1. The stories you tell are about hope, about possibilities and shift from captive to mentality of freedom. As an African living here all my life I'm still amazed at the beauty of Africans let alone the splendor of this place. Let love and hope lead those who want to come.

  2. I am here in Tanzania and looking at the title of your video really scared me. Because I was scammed at the airport take for a lot of money, almost Abducted in a taxis, booked a air bNB fir several days only to get there and find out I had been scammed again get to a hotel and the taxis driver tried to go up to the room with me and the worker taking my bags up to the room. Can it get any crazier. I really need some fellow diasporas to talk to right now.

  3. 22:45 – 54 yrs old? wow, i thought you were late thirties.
    On a serious note though, I previously (3years ago) wanted to visit Ethiopia, with the hope of slowly emigrating there.
    However it was an Ethiopian colleague at work who discouraged me from going, telling me it was unsafe due to a huge disparity
    between what we hear on the news and what really goes on in the country. (and apparently, I would be mistaken for an anti-government
    rebel because of my appearance).
    This really saddened me, and I fear there may be others who have been warned off their african dreams, due to security fears (especially when its coming from people who come from those countries and are more knowledgable about whats going on there)

  4. As you said Africa isnt perfect but we do have the love within us,we dont worry about tomorrow each day is a blessing to us.Africans are satisfied with the little amount they earn at the end of the day ,we share ,we celebrate our identity ,we love Africa. Anyone asking why am using 'we' instead of 'i' is in Africa we learnt togetherness wether its electing, seeking justice or celebrating a new born we do it together .

  5. I really appreciate you and your truth and I am definitely on a journey to surrender what God has for me. And I believe that this is not by accident that I have found your YouTube.

  6. As a white Belgian who been living all my life in Belgium who grew up amongst multiculture Greeks , Spanish , Turks , Congolese and many more nationalities from Africa , and middle East , to east Europe ….all cultures are living peacefully together , greating eachother on the streets till being friends . When I look at the USA all the drama , shootings , killings , craziness there I think how did it become like that ? People from Congo , Rwanda etc have been true trauma aswell , hell I personally went true trauma being abused by my own father . I swallowed some in it too . Got to know someone from Bulgaria and people were like ; are u out of your mind ? Going to a poor , criminal country that had communism , still is years behind . I'll say u all wrong , all those pre assumptions are wrong ! People are great , there is even less criminalism then in Belgium , not to mention the USA cause that's a whole different lvl from Europe . People have here less but yet they happier , less stressed , helpfull , friendly , humble etc etc …. I'm almost 2 years here and all stress fallen of my shoulders , all the materialistic things I thought were importand are not , I lost weight too , got rid off almost all muscle pains , breath better , sleep good , feel so relax something people in West EU can't cause they so bussy gathering materialistic things … The slavery , colonial periods can never be forgotten and tey were horrible and horrific ā˜¹ļø but at some point people need to trow the shackles off and be free , live life to live and not get lived . Lives to short for all that ….Spend u money on travels , and see the world u have heard so much about and judge for yourself rather then spend it on drugs or useless materialistic things ….

  7. I have friends in Nigeria and was suppose to visit in May 2021. My family was against it railroaded my trip. I have rebooked my trip and just meeting and seeing the humbleness and the family orientation I want to go and stay. I sent this to all my family who was against me going. Thank you for the truth

  8. Kudos…Keep spreading the good news. Reading the title of this video almost gave me a bad perspective of you until I watched this video. This was my first time ever watching one of your videos…will be watching your other videos šŸ‘šŸ‘ŒšŸ˜Ž

  9. I totally hear you ! We did come together to create Black Wall Street , Rosewood and Seneca Village without that sickness . We need to regain our confidence as to who we are as Africans, anywhere in the world . Africa is home .

  10. I just came back from Benin, Lagos and Ibadan. 2nd trip. Seriously considering moving there to document the ancient sites.

    Love it…I lost weight..the sugar was immediately removed from my diet. My complexion..divine
    Hated the mosquitos….

    Going again

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