September 25, 2021

49 thoughts on “Moving To AFRICA saved Our MARRIAGE. Living Our AFRICAN DREAM, #Dream House

  1. I love this family, I am originally from Ethiopia but I have been in the state since 2002 but I always wanted to move to Tanzania, you guys are giving good insight, thank you so much for doing this

  2. I raise my hat to you family. I am a Kenyan who grew up in USA, Pasadena CA from age of 15 years old. America is a Fast Nation. To make ends meet you have to sacrifice your every time no free time, joy or resting. It makes people mental and depressed. It's hard to be black in the Western World. It's tough in Africa but you enjoy life around other people you are never alone or lonely. I live in Perth, Western Australia but I want to come back home to my people and the land. God give you guidance and patience to succeed.
    Esther Odera

  3. Can the locals afford a nice house like that, or is it just the immigrants from the west who can? It seems like you're taking advantage of a desperate country in order to raise your standard of living. It's a bit creepy.

  4. I'm new to your channel. I want to start out by saying," congrats to you both on your beautiful home! Wow!" I from Seattle, Wa. That home out here would be 1.5 mill out the gate! Beautiful home! Congrats once more!

  5. I'm so happy for y'all…omg 😊 this whole video made me smile and inspired me to look into tanzania because me and my husband want to move from the US to africa but we don't know where to move. We're from memphis,Tn and we recently moved to Portland, OR so we can see what it feels like to not be in memphis. I hope our next move will be to the motherland.

  6. Well done my brother & sister, I left the UK in Oct 2020 on a one way ticket to Grenada in the Caribbean. Bought my home which has numerous fruit & veg growing on it. I bought a 4 bed / 3 bathroom house for less that the price of a London studio flat, like you I am enjoying life and the freedom..

  7. I’m sorry he lost me when he said he didn’t want to feel restricted with masks and things. What do you mean it’s for the safety of the people like cmon 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  8. America is really not a special place to live at. I really want to move to another country so bad. 😔 The economy is a struggle here. Racism is the worst as well. Plus I don't have a close relationship with my family. I rather not be in America.

  9. Funny how can you associate freedom to an epidemic crisis that is Affecting most African countries, I lost family members to COVID it shows ignorance attach to freedom, freedom is earned

  10. i am sooooo happy for you guys.congrats on ur new hone. u have a beautiful family.. now ur baby can live free and clean. im stuck in america and wanna get out so bad. so lucky to have all yummy tree around too. congrats . much love

  11. I like when ppl get right to the point when talking.. She asked the question about how did they get the house bout 5x before it was answered…dang.. They kept talking bout other stuff.. They get side tracked quick.. I couldn't watch it they all over the place.. Seem like nice ppl tho

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