September 19, 2021

48 thoughts on “Moving to Africa (The Gambia) from America

  1. @ 2:50 mins: That's called Censureship. All Social Media are heavily practicing censureship and blaming the reasoning on Trump and Russian collusion when it's actually what they were set up for in the 1st place. S/M is a Gov't spytracking device… So they say here that the Gov't is using your S/M to prevent you from leaving the States??? That's a Buffalo Soldier tracking you down to put you back on the plantation!

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  3. Good i dont may at some point watch this video but your title of this video is perfect for my question which i also will need you to reply back to in good conscience!!! Well with that said like in marcus garvey's teachings yes i agree we cannot expect all black Americans to go africa nor anywhere else outside the U.S. as of that matter especially due to the slave mentality which is almost impossible for some many of us to undo that will cause any nation not to want to accept us as a whole so therefore i get that however according to the convention of UN law internationally when it comes to human rights abuses of any group of ethnicity in a country or territory it at this point establishes our right as black Americans like any other political oppressed group of people to make our case for seeking political assylum to a country anywhere that may chose to open its doors to such assylum seekers and if given the chance there are black americans who may be able to claim political assylum so since some nations in Africa especially like ghana which claims to welcome home blacks in the diaspora than my question to your platform is why are expats like yourselves respectively in said nations in Africa including your adopted country of Gambia are not actively champion to call on goverments of said nations to grant emergency assylum to black americans who actually want to get the hell out of america and i don't mean to really be emotional nor reactionary but at this point its a serious crisis of emergency over here in America where black people are being murdered impunitively at the hands of this systemic racist caste system that the building Foundation of this racist country was predicatedly founded on which simply is not looking like its ever going to end especially due to the disunity of black people and our destructive self hatred for eachother which is why i left activism alone in this country. Our self hatred of over 4 hundred years is too deep to turn this around and those whose ancestors put this systemic racist system in place cant be expected to change this situation so my question again to you my dear black american brothers and sisters expats whose already on the ground with boots on in the continent why aren't you not on the door capital steps of said governments in your adopted countries lobbying for these governments to grant political assylum to as many a number of black americans possibly who can and are willing to leave the United States and I'm talking about those among our people are capable of positively contributing to such nations that would be willing to grant them political assylum. Black americans at this point are no different than any other group of people being oppressed by the system and government their under like in the case of syrians , haitians, libyans, and the list goes on that has a case for political assylum so again i ask why aren't african American expats on the continent period especially in Ghana where its thousands of black american expats refusing or standing by silently and not pleading our case to these african governments that may be willing to accept a certain contigent number of black people in to their countries coming from America??? I'm asking your platform to respond to my question with due respect because black Americans only hope in America is to get out of america obviously the way things are looking here in America. Through racism and our own self hatred of eachother we are being slaughtered like cattle over here and I'm sure you have black american biological relatives over here in the midst of all this chaos that you love. So again i ask why aren't black expats on the continent aren't pleading to african governments in your adopted countries to help fish atleast some of us out of Babylon (America) there are many among us who definitely must remain left behind in America because of nigga slave ways i get that but some many of us deserve better than this hell we as black people in America are still on the receiving end of. Lastly again i ask your platform to give a reply to help me understand why black expats are not fighting to help get us to the promised land. Peace

  4. Technology, Medical, Agriculture, Engineering, Construction, Education, Retail, Government, Transportation, Customer Service, Hospitality, Administration, Non Profits, Manufacturing, Automotive, Business Management, Arts, Entrepreneur, Food Services, Science, E-commerce.

    Jobs needed to bring into The Gambia/Ghana/Africa Overall

  5. I love you two. Can't get enough of your videos. We even watch children's videos. We will be looking for you when we come. Just waiting on restriction letup. So far out of all the Gambia Youtubers The BAG Fam is the BOMB! So real so informative, so in your face with reality. Keep doing what you are doing. Praying for your success in whatever you do!!!

  6. Are there ANY airlines that fly to the Gambia for reasonable prices? I'd love to visit first, but good lawd and a quarter, these prices tho!!! Coming from Texas, btw.

  7. Wow I’m from Memphis Tn… left the Divided states in 2017!! I’m in Ghana 🇬🇭!! Hey do u all know any black/African Airbnb there? What’s ur area called?Coming for a month or so when borders open!! Appreciate ur help!!☮️🤎

  8. I'm glad I got passports for my son and myself early. My mission is to travel and explore the world. Make a decision as to where to get a dual citizenship. Gambia is definitely on my list of travels. You and some other You Tubers have me very interested in Gambia. At the moment my travels are at a pause due to pandemic.

  9. You two are awesome! Love watching your videos. My husband and I left US/Canada to East Africa (Kenya then Uganda) 5 years ago. It is quite the awesome life experience to do this. Much love to you both!

  10. ….facts, about the U.S. Passport situation. Because I found out that my flight from Africa back to America via charter plane MUST be repaid to the U.S. Government….if that money, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is not repaid that I will not be able to renew my passport….fyi.

  11. You guys are a lovely couple. Between you & Living my best life in Ghana & Bla xit I have been inspired me to make the move. Thanks for sharing all the valuable information. I’m looking at Gambia or Ghana, since I’m retired I believe my dollars will go farther in Gambia. Again, thanks for sharing🙏🏾

  12. You're not only building a new life for your blessed family and contributing to the development of the Gambia and her people, but you guys are also spending the time to educate all those thinking of following suit. Amazing! Biggest hearts ever. Pure gold. Love from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

  13. People can check the department of state website for info on how to get passports. It was a breeze for me. I took the pic at Walgreens, went to the post office with all my documents, did the application and paid the fee. Then about a month later they sent the passport in the mail. Make sure to apply for the passport enough time in advance, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE TO GET PASSPORTS. EVERYBODY SHOULD GET A PASSPORT, you never know when/if we may have to make an expeditious exit out of here😉✊🏾

  14. YOU said somewhere MALCOLM X's Autobiography blew your mind. It blew mine too when I read it at school in Nairobi in the 1970s. Later I read, and taught, Alex Haley's ROOTS at my school in Notting Hill London – and that made me visit The Gambia in 1992. The rest, as they say is history. I am glad your are IN The Gambia during CORONAVIRUS … West-Side CHICAGO is turning into a genocidal scene for BLACKS as I write. 30% of CHICAGO is Black; 75% of Corona Deaths in Chicago is Black. WOW! Stay put in The Gambia bro.

  15. In Illinois, all you need is a birth certificate. You go to the post office, they'll take your passport picture(you pay for it) and you fill up a form and pay the fees. You'll get your passport about 2, 3 week later in the mail. Pretty simple.

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